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Nursing Leadership and Management

NursingLeadership and Management

NursingLeadership and Management

Anemiacan be defined as a condition whereby the human body lacks enough redblood cells that are healthy to carry oxygen to the body tissues. Thered blood cells possess iron rich proteins that help them to carryoxygen. For a human body to be able to produce red blood cells andhemoglobin, it needs minerals, iron, vitamins and protein. Mostindividuals suffering from anemia have a tendency of feelingexhausted at all times. Anemia is untreatable until the establishmentof the underlying cause. It is because of the treatment of one formof anemia may be inappropriate for another. The treatment of anemiamay vary from taking iron supplements or vitamin to bloodtransfusions or surgery. According to Fischbach &amp Dunning(2009), there are various types anemia. They include megaloblastic,sickle cell, aplastic, iron deficiency and pernicious. All thesetypes of anemia have different underlying causes.


TheMs. A’s diagnosis indicated an 8mg/dl hemoglobin level, 1.5%reticulocyte level, 32% hematocrit level and a 3.1 × 10/mm RBCerythrocyte count. The diagnosis registered a fall that was below theminimum level that a healthy status should hold. These resultsindicated an anemic status. The low blood pressure, increasedtemperatures and elevated respiratory and heart rates are clear signsof reduction in oxygen supply in the red blood cells (Ross,2000).In the Ms. A’s case, the described causes indicate that she wasfrom an iron deficiency anemia.

Theiron deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia. It iscaused by a deficiency of iron in the human body. It occurs when ahuman body is not capable of making enough hemoglobin. For bonemarrow to make hemoglobin it requires the iron. With inadequate iron,the human body cannot produce sufficient hemoglobin for the red bloodcells. The iron deficiency anemia is mostly common among the women ofthe childbearing age. The pregnancy and menstruation increase theneed for iron to the woman. The resultant lack of iron in the woman’sbody leads to anemia (Fischbach&amp Dunning, 2009).

Anothercause of this anemia is parasitosis. It is a condition where one isinfected with parasites like tapeworms, roundworms and flukes. Theresults of the infection are blood loss and inflammation. Irons thatare stored in the blood are lost by the body of a person as a resultof blood loss. There are common ways in which a person can loseblood. Females with heavy periods are prone to iron deficiencyanemia. It is because the females are at risk of losing blood in themenstruation periods. The blood that they lose is more than the bloodthey gain in their diets. The diet should incorporate iron to makesure that the lost iron is compensated. The person consumed b aperson should be absorbed in the body (Hadley&ampSoothill, 2002).

Ms.A has been in the condition of menorrhagia for a period of 10 to 12years. It is a condition where she experiences excessive loss ofblood in her menstrual cycle. It is a gynecological condition wherewomen experience bleeding disorders. A high frequency of menorrhagiaincidence and poor menstrual loss management may lead to a chroniciron deficiency anemia. In adults, blood loss is the main cause ofthe iron deficiency anemia. Ms. A had been taking some aspirins for 6days in periods of 3-4 hours during her menstruation cycle. She alsotook the same dose to avoid stiffening of her joints when playinggolf. The anti-inflammatory and aspirin drugs that are not steroidalcan lead to a significant gastrointestinal bleeding irrespective ofthe amount of dose taken (Gomez&amp Gomez, 2002).

Ms.A was an athlete who participated in golf every summer. Athletes whoparticipate in endurance training especially adolescent females andyoung adult can easily develop an iron deficiency anemia even whenthey are not predisposed to anemia. The serum iron status tends toreduce due to the expansion of the mass of the red blood cells. GITbleeding may lead to an additional iron loss. Ms. A’s case isexactly like this since she is at an age of 26 years and regularlyuses aspirin to relieve pains during her strenuous exercises. Aspirinis a corrosive drug. The reduced hemoglobin’s reticulocyte contentis a crucial indication of the iron deficiency anemia. An elevatedrespiratory rate and heart rate coupled with low blood pressure aswell as increased temperature indicates the struggle of the body toraise the flow of oxygen to the red blood cells (Fischbach&amp Dunning, 2009).


Atsome instances, the case of anemia is treatable. When the case ofanemia is caused by deficiency in iron, it can be rectified by eatingfood with lots of iron. A research conducted indicated that there is98% increase in the amount of iron. It occurs when a person usessupplements that contain 100mg iron. Law doses of 20-40mg iron can beused to treat women in the mid pregnancy women. The dose of ironshould be started less amounts then progressively increased.


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