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Operant Conditioning



Operantconditioning is the process by which good or evil response ismodified and it is founded on the belief that, in the case whereby anindividual is given a reward for having set behavior then thepractices become firm. On the contrary, if there is no gift for agiven behavior, it is weakened or totally eliminated. This essay willdescribe consumption of junk food as a behavior that needs to beeliminated.


Consumptionof junk food has taken the fast position in developing and westerncountries. Fast foods are ready made and available in the markethence increasing their consumption. Their consumption need to beeliminated to promote health of adults and children (Collins, 2005).Chips and Pizza that is examples of fast food have much ofcholesterol resulting to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.Therefore, elimination of fast food consumption will reduce the costof living and increase peoples’ lifespan.

Thenumber of times fast food is taken per day should be reduced and apunishment is enforced to any person who exceeds. This can befollowed by minimizing the number of days the fast food is consideredper week that is also punishable. Finally, the fast food can beforbidden and completely stop being consumed.


Thefollowing intelligence would be tested as described by HowardGardner, Visual understanding of the surrounding considers images andspace. Linguistic skills test the words used by an individual,mathematical test should be done on reasoning capability of a person.Bodily intelligence should be measured depending on various movementsof different parts of the body. Musical strength depends on theperson’s favorite sound and rhythm. Interpersonal capacity isdetermined by self- awareness and value of other people’s feelings.Finally, naturalistic skills should be tested by exploring degree ofperson’s perception and love for the surrounding environment. Amodel for testing the eight intelligences can be in the form ofenquiries to children below eighteen years and score the statementson a table. The measure of agreement versus intelligence will help todetermine individual perception.

Inconclusion, operant conditioning is important as it helps strengthengood values and weaken poor practices. The imposition of punishmentcan be employed to discourage and eventually stop the undesirablebehavior associated with the consumption of junk foods. To understandpeople’s behavior the eight intelligences need to be consideredrather than testing the IQ alone.


Collins,T. B. (2005). Fastfood.Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press.