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observed different types of behavior among the Aztecs. One of thebehaviors observed among the Aztecs was that of causing poverty. TheAztecs were seen as people who could bring poverty to the citystates. On the other hand, since the Aztec were unwelcomedconquerors, they formed there politico-religious system, which wasgrounded on terror. Thus, observed the behavior of Aztec asindividuals that could practice religious practices, but at the sametime cause fear through their religious systems. Besides, observed the behavior of Aztecs as people hungry of power. This isindicated by their demonstration of their power for obtaining humansacrificial victims for their god. In addition, their behavior wasobserved as inhumane by since they could not have humanity insacrificing a human for the sake of their god.

Ithink the interpretation of was critical of the practices.This is because the Aztecs did not seem deep into the practicessince they could change at times. Besides, it is good for people tokeep some of their traditions, which should not be questionable attimes. This is because each person has his or her own kind ofbelief. It is not always good to criticize individuals because ofwhatever they do, but it is good to respect part of their beliefbecause it shows their respect to their ancestors or gods. Therefore,I think the observation of was critical, which should notalways be the case.

Thiswas not a reliable source because it did not provide anything to dowith the qualifications of the author, who has written thisinformation. It is not known whether it was from an internet sourceor an academic source.



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