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Ifasked, my friends would portray me as a diverse, pleasant, as well asan intelligent person. I possess a range of experiences and I termthis to be among my most distinctive features. I am an accounting andgeneral management student, who has technical ability and interest onthe same. In addition to this, I have the zeal to travel andunderstand various cultures of the globe. These components haveoffered me with a wide point of view, with diverse levels ofknowledge on various subjects. I consider that in spite of the factthat these subjects are not directly correlated, they will worktowards influencing my graduate study.

Myaccounting and general management degree has offered me with a strongfoundation which will assist me pursue my MBA in accounting withoutdifficulties. My short term objectives are completing theundergraduate degree, and then concentrate on my MBA in accounting asit is an ideal match. My long term objective involves gainingprofessional degree as well as valid job experience in future. Duringmy graduate education time, I will not only center on my learning butwill apply whatever I have learned on a part time work or aninternship. I will also take a CPA exam which will assist me inestablishing a CPA firm in future.

Ihave a great understanding of the MBA program in accountingconsidering that I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in accountingand general management. It implies that I have the basis and academicfoundation required to pursue the MBA program. Throughout thesophomore, I attended some accounting and management classes. I chosethe MBA in accounting program based on the reason that I like themanner in which accounting is organized and how it centers on detail.It implies that accountants are required to be extremely careful asfailure to do so would make things go wrong. Besides, I like dataanalysis as well as organization. General management on the otherhand centers on the bigger picture of the organization. In general, Ilike centering on detail as well as the entire picture analysis. Ibelieve that the MBA program in accounting will assist me inattaining my professional goal. It is founded on the reason that theundergraduate major in accounting will offer a strong academicfoundation for the MBA program applied for. The MBA in accountingprogram, completion of CPA exam at the same time which will beenabled by taking online classes in the weekends, in addition tointernship opportunities will work in offering superior awareness ofthe real world business. This will work as a foundation of helping meestablish my own firm in future.

Studyingmy undergraduate degree abroad in America helped me academically,ideologically, socially, and in terms of language. In addition togaining academic knowledge, I also gained other skills which I termsignificant in my future career. These skills encompass data analysisskills, time management, and the capacity to work together with otherpersons. Ideologically, I also learnt that I should not give up insomething I like to achieve, but I should always strive to attain thesame. This was instigated by my sophomore accounting lecture, and itinspired me into choosing accounting major, in spite of the reasonthat I am not the best student in school. Socially, I was able tomeet a diverse number of people from diverse nations, thusexperiencing different cultures. Knowing diverse people and diversecultures is significant in assisting me have diverse views regardingmyself, in addition to enhancing my capability to work with diversepeople and fit in any novel future work environment. I am alsoconversant with Chinese and English languages and this significant inwidening my career pool.

Myundergraduate study will contribute towards my graduate study bothfrom the personal life and academic perspective. Academically, I gotadequate fundamental business background which would assist me incontinuing studying on a superior ranked business course offered inthe graduate school. Secondly, the foundation accounting courseassists me in enhancing my time management skills. This is founded onthe reason that the accounting professors offer strict deadlines forthe assignments. It has improved my discipline as far as assignmentand project deadline are concerned implying that I have become a goodtime manager. Finally, the accounting and management course will workhand in hand in assisting me gain great awareness and diverse skillsregarding how a business is operated. My main interest is supplychain management considering that the accounting course offers skillson budgeting. On the personal life viewpoint, studying as aninternational student in America improves my experience besidesmaking me more exceptional as compared to other global applicants orthe local students.

Besides,I have practical experience having put my course in practice throughvarious internships during my undergraduate schooling. I have workedas an accounting assistant in the Bank of China. During this time, Iaccomplished my tasks on time, a thing that impressed and surprisedmy supervisor as well as my boss. These as a result enabled me towork on more opportunities, involve myself in more tasks and teamworkthus, maximizing my intern experience. I aimed at learning everythingregarding the job from by colleagues, supervisors, as well as myboss. My study in America also enabled me to know the importance ofnetworking. Through networking, I was able to have self confidenceand went boldly after what I wanted. This enabled me do thoroughresearch on the companies and jobs I was interested working with.

Inspite of the successes I have experienced during my undergraduateyears, I also faced various challenges which made my GPA to be low.When I was doing my initial presentation, I was not sure of it as Ifelt I was not fully prepared myself. I was very shy and did not knowhow to express myself well. Nevertheless, this acted as my steppingstone to gaining self confidence. I learnt that preparing oneselffully is the key to becoming confident. By taking part in numerouspresentations, networking and team work experiences, I was able tobuild on my self confidence. Besides, I became more open minded aswell as social with other people evidenced by my networking behavior.

Ibelieve that the school should admit me based on various reasons. Tostart with, I would bring diversity culture considering that I havestudied in a different cultural background. This means that I have agreater understanding of cultural diversity. In addition to this, Ihave strong academic background in accounting and this foundation issignificant in my MBA program. Lastly, the characteristics and spiritI possess is fit for the culture of the school. I believe indiversity, am intelligent, and the spirit I have in completing theprogram is paramount.

Providedthe convergence of my professional as well as personal interests, Ihave an objective of pursuing an MBA program in accounting and thenwork in an accounting related industry. This together with aprofessional course in CPA and internship programs would enable mehave sufficient skills and knowledge, and this would enable meestablish an accounting firm. Pursuing an MBA program would smoothenmy path in attaining these objectives.


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