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Personal SWOT for A Sales Promotion Manager Career


PersonalSWOT for A Sales Promotion Manager Career

PersonalSWOT for A Sales Promotion Manager Career

Acareer in sales promotion is a tough business to break into andrequires a both talented and dedicated individual to realize success.A SWOT analysis for the same calls for keen exploration andidentification of strengths and opportunities that enhance careersuccess, as well as the threats and weaknesses that pull down on theeffort of the personnel.


  • I am absolutely dedicated to the triumph of a brand for clients

  • I have excellent communication skills that are extended to the team members and clients, as well

  • I have the capacity to make the right inquiries to identify the appropriate angle for advertising

  • I have the ability to mingle with clients as I extend my creativity to them and change their perspective concerning their favorite brands


  • My communication skills escape through the window when I am faced with the task of addressing the public, especially a large group of clients.

  • I easily develop stress at the thought of piling tasks to be completed and this impairs my judgment with negative outcomes.

  • Sometimes I am consumed by the idea of ensuring that things are done to the extent of overworking others and I. this can result to serious burnout of the employee, as well as myself.


  • There are several of workshops and seminars that have been arranged by the company and I intend to take part in the trainings. Once in the training I can develop vital connections from the sales promotion

  • The managing director will be leaving the country for several months on a business tour leaving me in charge. Tending to his duties will provide me with the best experience ever and perhaps earn me a promotion in my career.

  • The key competitors have had their names tarnished due to legal cases involving stealing from clients thus most customers are considering our products.


  • The sales promotion department have lost lots of employees to other companies where they are offered lucrative remuneration thus leaving loads of work for me to handle.

  • There is a young employee who is so perfect with sales promotion and has achieved so much in a short period. The employee is competing for my position and I might lose my job.

  • I am recently engaged and bound to getting married and the relationship is stealing all my attention thus lowering my productivity.

Mygoal is to grow in my department of sales promotion and eventuallybecome the general manager following exemplary performance.

Thegoal of becoming the company general manager is a clear indication ofupward career mobility and self-actualization. Further, theattainment of the goal will come with other benefits as increasedcontrol, mandate and remuneration.

Theattainment of the goal will be marked by the issuance of anappointment letter to become the general manager from the director.


  • Motivate the entire team of workers under me to portray impeccable results.

  • Show the top commitment to my job and earn trust from the director

  • Engage clients and convince them to consume our brands thus increase sales and profit margin for the business

Withregard to the first strategy, the following steps will be effected

  • Recognize every effort from workers and motivate the workers to continue improving their quality.

  • Deal with stress from employees and show concern about their personal lives

  • Help employees as they perform their duties to avoid discouragement and promote high quality products.

  • Resolve conflicts among workers reasonably and professionally.


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