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Poem Questions




  • Emily Dickinson- I’m nobody, who are you?

  1. She thinks of them as her companions

  2. Yes. The public knows all aspects of celebrities whether negative or positive, private or public

  3. How dreary to be somebody (Line 4)

  4. She brands celebrities as frogs and their followers as ‘Bogs”.

  5. A religious woman

She lost her mother and other close relatives.

Spent some time in a female seminary

She was concerned by immorality during her days and death of familymembers affected her.

  • Janice Mirikitani- Suicide note

  1. Dear Janice, do not put much emphasis on how other people perceive you and your life. People revere your achievements and their judgement and opinions should only make you stronger in your pursuit for excellence. Do not be disappointed by your failures as everybody else fails at some point in their life. Live your life the best way you know how.

  2. Similes

Inksmeared like bird prints in snow- Signifies her writing, which was sonoticeable just as the footprints of birds would embed themselves onsnow

Likecurrents in the bed of wind

Fragileas wings- Shows her fragility as a woman and her inability to achieveher dreams due to lack of strength

Choicesthin as shaved ice- She depicts the little options she has in lifeapart from writing which does not seem to give her desired results inlife.


Shewas an activist against the horrors of war.

Shesuffered from sexual molestation during her childhood.

Shealso fought against institutional racism prevalent in her days.

  • William Shakespeare

  1. The mistress is described as a less beautiful woman in all her aspects and physical anatomy.

  2. Praising on the beauty of the beloved especially when the lover is lamenting on their uncontrollable effect his beloved has on him

  3. It describes the negative aspects of the physical appearance of the beloved.

  4. The lines declare the love of the speaker to her beloved even after criticising her beauty. The last line alludes that the beauty of the mistress is over-exaggerated by other people.


  1. A renowned writer of tragedies, poems, and plays, among other genres of literature

  2. A dramatist and actor

  3. Was also known for his romantics and sexuality themes in his works

  4. His sexuality, religion and portraiture were and are still not fully known by people

  • Robert Frost

  1. Green- A colour on the spectrum of visible light, lying between yellow and blue

Dawn-The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise

Gold-A yellow precious metal used for decoration, jewellery and asguarantee for currencies

Foliage-The collective term used to refer to the leaves of plants

Spring-The season after winter and before summer in which vegetation startsto appear

  1. Her in the poem is used to refer to nature.

  1. Because nature, just like a woman, is a source of life to plants and the fertility of a woman dwindles as she ages.

  2. Sad

  3. To explain the change of nature with different seasons

  4. Spring, summer, winter and autumn

  5. The depiction of leaves as golden as opposed to being green

  6. Gold

Leafas a flower



  1. Green is used to denote natural life while gold means the importance of plants in the existence of nature.

  2. Eden is used to refer to the world or earth while dawn represents the beginning of life.

  3. To bring forward the destruction of nature in the present world.

His Life

  1. Born and grew up in a rural area

  2. Lived in a farm

  3. His poetry encompasses the above settings

  4. Became a teacher at some point

  • Robert Burns- A Red, Red Rose

  1. A lyrist and a poet

  2. Regarded as Scotland’s national poet

  3. Pioneered the Romantic movement

  4. Highly knowledgeable in classical, English and Biblical literature

Hyperbole-an exaggerated claim or statement meant to be assumed literally

2.My love is like a red-hot iron rod

Iwill love you until your heart pops out of your chest

Hyperbolesin the poem:

Tilla’ the seas gang dry.&nbspAnd the rocks melt wi’ the sun

Metaphors-figures of speech in which words and phrases are applied to objectsor actions to which they are not literally applicable.


Mylove is like a red, red rose

Mylove is like the melody

  • Ode to a Nightingale-John Keats

  1. His life

Hadrelationships with Isabella Jones and Fanny Brawne

Ditchedhis career as a surgeon to become a poet

Usedromantic themes in his poetry

  1. The life of Florence Nightingale

  2. Himself

  3. Deception, death, irresponsible drinking

  4. Foolish

  5. Sod, emperor

  6. One minute

  7. To imagine how it must be spending its first moments of its life

  • My Papa’s Waltz – Theodore Reothke

  1. An English teacher

Sufferedfrom manic depression

Hada relationship with Louise Bogan, a poet

  1. The speaker remembers his rambunctious behaviour as well as acknowledging and accepting his alcoholic father. He accepts his conduct even though he would embarrass him at times. He recounts the ways in which he played with his father and how in urn he would manhandle him when drunk. The speaker says that his father’s behaviour made him mature faster than normal. He expresses his love for his father and shows how he values him.

  • How do I love thee- Elizabeth Barret Browning

  1. God

  2. Sonnets from the Portuguese, Robert Browning


Startedcomposing poems at the age of six

Perpetuallylived in ill health

Wasa religious woman throughout her life

  • Yet do I marvel- Countee Cullen

Excelledin school with excellent skills in poetry

Separatedfrom his mother until the 1920s

Divorcedwith his wife in 1930

  1. He believes God is kind, well-meaning and good

  2. He will not doubt that God is good, kind and well-meaning

  3. Why man, made in God’s image, has to die

  4. How God thinks

  5. That it is fruitless to try to scrutinise and understand God’s ways

He is astonishedb