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Poetry and Figurative Language

Poetryand Figurative Language

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Poetryand Figurative Language

Thispaper presents the figurative language present in poetry. In Sonnet130 ofWilliam Shakespeare there are various metaphors and similes used. Forinstance, the mistress’ eye is compared to the sun through the useof “like”. Hence, this is a simile. The line which states “ifhairs be wires, black wires grow on her head” is a metaphor sincethe author made an analogy between the object wire and the humanhair. Various clichés were used in the poem such as “Coralis far more red than her lips”. Turning this into simile wouldliken the lips to the redness of corals.

Inthe poem DaddybySylvia Plath, metaphors and similes were also noted. Themost leading metaphor in this poetry is the relationship between theNazi and the Jewish. Anything in reference to Nazism or associationwith Germany, the narrator’s “Daddy” is being used as a pointof comparison. For instance, in the sixth stanza of the poem whichreads, “I thought every German was you”, there is anapparent association between the pronoun, “you”, referring to thenarrator’s father, and the word “German”. The narrator believedthat in fact her father was a German. Thus she describes him assomeone with a neat mustache, an Aryan eye with a bright blue color,and a Meinkampf appearance. “Daddy” in the poem is also describedas a “panzer-man” and a “Fascist”. To most individuals,Nazism is a political viewpoint that has a negative connotation.

Inthe poem MarriagebyGregory Corso, the author made use of metonymy by using the word“constellation” to signify nighttime. Hyperbole is a figurativespeech involving exaggeration. Hyperbole is also evident along theline, “Andthe priest! He is looking at me if I masturbated”. Another use ofhyperbole is giving exaggeration to the presumed affection of thewoman to the narrator, “so happy about me she burns the roastbeef”. Metaphor is also used by referring to receptionists aszombies. An understatement was used in the line, “NoI can`t imagine myself married to that pleasant prison dream.”Simile was also used to compare love to wearing shoes, “It`sjust that I see love as odd as wearing shoes”.Another tinge of hyperbole was used exaggeratingly when the narratorimagined himself being alone when he is already 60 years old,“becausewhat if I`m 60 years old and not married,&nbspall alone in furnishedroom with pee stains on my underwear”.Toward the last part of the poem, the author used hyperbole bystating, “SoI wait–bereft of 2,000 years and the bath of life.”

Inthe poem CandleHat byBilly Collins, the author incorporated imagery, humor, and theuse of figurative language. The poem is about the story of Goya andhis candle hat invention. The candle hat was used to personify Goya.Collins appeared to admire Goya so much when stated that “tounderstand Goya, you only have to imagine him lighting the candlesone by one, then placing the hat on his head, ready for a night ofwork.” Imagery was used when the author states, “you can onlywonder what it would be like… to be wearing such a chandelier onyour head.” Metaphor was used by comparing Goya to that of walkingchandelier. Simile was used when laughing was compared to a birthdaycake.


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