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Positive Influences of a Sinful City

PositiveInfluences of a Sinful City

Itis a common stereotype that growing up in Las Vegas has a negativeinfluence on a person’s behavior. This stereotype stems from thenotion that Las Vegas is full of night clubs, strippers, prostitutesand other night life activities. Typically, this city is one of theleading destinations for business, meetings, and convections.Further, the city occupies a top position in tourist destinationglobally. All these activities have helped in turning Las Vegas in toa home of night life. In turn, people have created their perceptionsabout the people who grow and live in this city. Women are expectedto become stripper or prostitutes, while their male counterparts areexpected to become drug dealers and or engage in other illegalactivities. This leads to the misconception that bringing up childrenin Las Vegas brings forth an immoral generation (Sehlinger, 295).However, this is greatly disputable. A child who grows in a city suchas Las Vegas is not necessarily immoral. On the contrary, such asinful environment helps in broadening a child’s perspective aboutthe real world positively.

LasVegas, just as other cities in the nation, it is not surrealtofind out that people live a normal life away from entertainment(Rothman, 96). People go to school, church, work, and sportingactivities, all of which are important in every aspect. This meansthat people in Las Vegas recognizes the importance of education andreligion, despite that the city is sinful. These schools teach thesame curriculum as others. Teachers in these schools do their best tohelp children differentiate the world outside, and how they aresupposed to behave. They also ferventlyhelpchildren in adopting good behaviors away from the sinful environment.Schools culture emphasize on the importance of good education toacquire a good life dissimilar to what children observe from outside.Although people stipulate that children learn from what they see inthe environment, schools have created a culture that strongly rejectsthe perspectives of what they see in the sinful environment. In turn,as they grow, they learn to differentiate between the good and thebad.

Unlikeother children who grow in clean and decent cities, children in LasVegas have a wide knowledge of the real world. They are exposed tothe real world early in life hence, equipping them with thenecessary knowledge to confront the real world. Children in decentcities tend to have good moral in the beginning, but when they areexposed to the real sinful world, they are unable to cope. This isbecause some of the things that happen in cities such as Las Vegassounds theoretical and fairly tale. However, when they are confrontedwith the real world, they may find it so exciting such that theyforget their morals and decent life, which they used to have before.On the other hand, children who grow up in Las Vegas are unlikely tobe affected in case they go to another sinful city, or when they growup and are left on their own. This is because by the time they growup, they see everything they need to see, and are no longer find suchthings exuberant.It is true that these things may affect them negatively, however notfor all. In fact, a child in Las Vegas grows up differentiating rightfrom wrong because of exposure. Exposure is necessary in shaping up aperson’s behavior (Greene, 128).

LasVegas maybe a sinful city, but this does not mean that all who livehere do not have decent lives. There are decent jobs in Las Vegas,just like in any other city. Not all people who live in Las Vegaswork in night clubs or other gripingplaces. There are others industries in which people work in. thereare a couple of parents who live here by circumstances, and they helpin bringing up their children in morally acceptable ways. They maketheir children understand why it is essential to work hard in schooland attain a decent life later in school. In fact, it is easier toteach a child in this environment than those brought up in otherdecent and clean cities. This is because children in an environmentsuch as Las Vegas are taught by real examples unlike others who hearstories. Parents who earn a decent income from an environment of LasVegas tend to be more observant of their children. They watch theirevery movement to ensure that they do not get influenced by whateveris happening outside. Whenever they see their children going astray,which is very likely in a sinful city, they try to explain to themthe disadvantages of engaging in an indecent behavior. Parents withdecent jobs set good examples to their children on how to live adecent life in the midst of a sinful city (Simich and Thomas, 92).

Ashford,Craig and Kathy (58) stipulate that the environment, in which a childgrows in, influences behavior either negatively or positively.Whatever a child sees while growing up has a great effect on his/herlife. In the case of a sinful city such as Las Vegas, a child may beinfluenced either negatively or positively. Although many tend tostipulate that children from these cities tend to have immoralbehaviors, this is not true in many cases. A child brought up in anenvironment that is not pleasing may put much effort to escape fromit. For instance, there are many children who grow up in strikingpoverty, but try their best to escape such a life by working hard andacquiring a decent job. This is because such a person is not happyabout the environment in which he/she is brought up. The same caseapplies to children growing in sinful indecent or sinful cities. Theymay grow up seeing the activities of the town, and develop a badperception about such a life. In this case, they try to work hard inschools with an aim of evading indecent life. Such children may see alot from the city and fail to admire anything. For example, a childmay grow up seeing how strippers live, how drugs affect the lives ofpeople negatively, and how gambling places have caused much havoc. Inturn, they may decide on their own that this is not the type of lifethey would want to have when they grow up. This is a clear indicationthat an immoral environment broadens the perspectives of a childgreatly.

Iam an example of what a sinful city can. I grew up in theneighborhood of Las Vegas city, and I visited the town almost everyweekend. I disregarded most of the activities and the things I sawevery whenever I visited the city. I graduated from high school andnow am attending a university. I lead a very decent life, and I havea great career ahead of me. Unlike what people tend to think, I didnot end up as a stripper, a gambler or a drug addict. In fact, I feelthat Las Vegas environment has impacted positively on my life.Whatever I saw happening on Las Vegas gave me a greater motivationfor studying and escaping from this life. I did not want imaginemyself as a stripper or a drug addict because I never for onceadmired the lives of these people. The more the idea of ending up insuch indecent jobs and lives came to mind, the more I worked hard toevade any possibility of becoming a culprit of indecency. Theenvironment may not have been conducive,but it helped me realize the truth about the real world.

Itis true that Las Vegas and similar cities may haveaggrievingeffects on children’s behavior. Psychologists stipulate thatchildren learn a lot from the environment in which they live in. Achild brought up by a drug dealer may not find it difficult to takedrugs. They may see this life as a normal one, and may never know howit is to live and work in decent places. Likewise, some parents mayencourage children to engage in such jobs in one way or another.However, this does not occur in all cases. There are a number ofpeople living in dirty cities but end up being very decent. Some ofthe children who grow up in these cities may receive stern warningfrom their parents from engaging in such behaviors. Others maytotally dislike the behavior they observe from their environment andwork hard to evade such. Likewise, children grow up differentiatingbetween decent and indecent lives because both are at their disposal.Thus, it is pontificalthat growing up in a city such as Las Vegas can broaden a child’sperspectives and knowledge about the real world (Rothman, 59).


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