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Potato elf

Potato Elf

The actions of Shock in the Potato Elf are somewhat shocking. It isinteresting to realize that the name of this character is associatedor suggests a vast of his actions in the story. His actions towardsThe Elf or Fred indicate that he was a magician who had a heart tohelp. It is also apparent from the story that Shock was an adviser.There are several instances where he is seen advising Fred to lookfor a dwarf female and establish a relationship. When Shock decidesto take Fred home with him and take of him until he recovers, he isseen as a kind person who is caring. The actions of Shock towardsFred are those of assistance and help to a man who seemed helplessand disappointed with life.

Shock’s actions towards Nora are amusing. He deceives her severaltimes and does not concentrate too much on her. It is clear from thestory that Shock concentrates mostly on the adventures and researchof his magical tricks (Connolly, 2006). Is actions towards his wifeNora are seen as being forgiving. It is also apparent that Shock’sactions towards Nora were sometimes commanding. When he brought Fredhome, he commanded Nora that she must adopt Fred. The actions ofShock towards Nora were oppressive and the magician did not evenrecognize her presence. This is the main reason that Nora slept withthe dwarf as a vindictive measure towards Shock.

The actions of Shock also affect both Nora and the dwarf. Forinstance, when Shock’s kindness and concern contributes to himbringing Fred home, they end up sleeping together and bearing a son.It is also clear that after he fakes his death, it breaks therelationship that existed between Nora and Fred who flees to northernEngland (Connolly, 2006). The neglect that Shock subjected his wifeto had a great impact towards the development of a relationshipbetween Nora and Fred. The actions that Shock towards the dwarf canbe thought of pity and concern. However, a deeper look at the story,one is likely to note that Shock wanted a child and his actions ofhelping Fred recover were aimed at adopting him. His words to Norawere clear that they must adopt the child. Fred was thought to be asmall child whereas he was a mature person but a dwarf. Therefore,the objective of Shock in adopting Fred were both to help him andadopt him as a child to his childless family. It is not clear whyShock neglected his wife Nora, but a closer look at the storyindicate that the magician concentrated more on his magical tricksthan he did to his wife (Connolly, 2006). He mistreated his wife as ameans of punishing her due to the lack of children in their family.

Shock is a man who is kind and caring. His acts towards Freddemonstrate his caring character. He offers to help Fred until herecovers and also adopts him regardless of the costs involved. It isalso apparent that Shock is an adviser since he offers advice to Fredthat he should look for a spouse who is a female dwarf. It isimperative to point out that the actions of Shock depict him as a manwho is forgiving. He forgives his wife even after learning that heslept with a person he adopted to his family while he was away(Connolly, 2006). However, Shock is also depicted as a mischievousperson who would pull off magical tricks to amuse his wife. Hepretended to be dead when he learnt that his wife had been unfaithfulto him. This was meant to test whether his wife really loved him.


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