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Predicting Crime with the Uniform Crime Reporting System

PredictingCrime with the Uniform Crime Reporting System

PredictingCrime with the Uniform Crime Reporting System

Classificationof information that is compiled into the Uniform Crime Reporting,takes four forms. These forms are the backbone of all other crimes inthe United States as a nation, counties and states. The four partsare Traditional Reporting System(SRS), which is also the NationalIncident Based Reporting System.This category consists of forty-four different crimes in 22 majoroffence categories. It details the age, race of victims, sex,offenders and arrestees, location of crime and the time of the daythe crime took place, as well as the type of weapon used incommitting the crime. HateCrimeis another category, which is any form of bias motivated by race,sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity/nationality, or/anddisability. The Preliminary Crimes is another category and consistsof rape, murder, robbery and many other crimes in that line. Lastly,LawEnforcement Officers Killed and Assaultedcategory consists of crime committed against officers in the line ofduty (Federal Bureau Investigation, 2012).

Publicsafety officials can categorize a crime based on the category that itfalls. This means that while reporting a crime, they must identifythe four categories and the relationship the crime has on the alreadystates categories will be essential in defining the class of thecrime. For instance, if an officer is shot, the crime will beclassified under the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaultedcategory.

Prosof the Uniform Crime System and the yearly Report

  • It notifies people of specific crime rates in an area, and is beneficial to the population living in that particular area

  • The final data depends on the readily available population.

  • It is very workable with the numbers system and has withstood the test over the last 90 years as a system for provision of good crime count estimate.

  • The national crime victimization survey focuses on unreported crime by asking people if they have ever faced victimization and whether they have eve reported the victimization (Daniels, 2013).

Consof the Uniform Crime System and the yearly Report

  • There is no specific way of quantifying crimes, which go unreported

  • It is possible for the interviewees to lie while giving their accounts

  • The yearly reports sometimes offers just an estimate of the real crime rate in a particular area and could be used by the culprits to know which areas they would attack, and what kind of crime would be “fit” for that same area (Daniels,. 2013)

AnalyzingRobbery Data for Albany, Georgia

Thecity of Albany in Georgia State has a population of 78,512 in 2012 ascompared to 118 in the previous year, which recorded some 813 violentcrimes. Of these crimes, there were 27 reported cases of robbery.Nationally, there were 354,520 reported cases of robbery in 2012 ascompared to 354,520 cases in the previous year (Federal BureauInvestigation, 2012). Considering the population of the wholecountry, the United States, the number of robbery cases reported eachyear is very high, which means that there have been more victims ofrobbery than there are in other crime cases as reported to theFederal Bureau of Investigation department. It is again notable thatthe records of crime are dependent on the reported cases from thevictims and the community. There is a possibility that some robberycases might go unreported thus reducing the number of cases in thereport and record (Daniels,2013).

Consideringthe data from table 8, about robbery in Albany Georgia, the trendshow a decline in reported cases, though a slow decline, but isnoticeable. In addition, considering the population of the cityagainst robbery cases, it is in order to consider that robbery casesare that many due to the high population in the city. In fact, Albanyhas the fourth highly populated city in the State of Georgia. Whilecomparing the other cities with higher population that Albany does,you would notice that the higher the population, the more the casesreported concerning robbery. However, robbery cases as in Albany arein the decline due to improved technology and security system in theUnited States (Daniels,2013).

Basedon the data from the report, I have learnt that the higher thepopulation, the higher the number of robbery cases in a particularplace. However, with the improvement of technology, securityintensity is slowly decline the crime at a good rate. Robbery in the1950s was not as high as it is now. In 1950s, there were only 3 casesreported as robbery and the rate kept on growing by the years withprobably the increase in population. Security was not that intensivethen as it is today and technological improvement can take the creditfor the contemporary situation. Government officials can utilize thereport data in the 1970s the predict crime rate of the next twentyyears later by identifying the trend of the crime in the past years.and the rate at which changes are reported to have occurred withinthe said time. Data in the reports are very reliable since they areconsistent and depend on the very cases reported from the populationLaw enforcement agencies should also carryout self-report surveysthat will help them report their criminal incidents for compilationin order to have a fully comprehensive report of a crime in thatparticular city (DocumentationExchange (Organization), 1993))


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