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Presentation Critique



Themain weakness with my first presentation is the fact that I wasspeaking too fast. The pronunciation of some words was poor becauseof my ascent, as well as little concentration that I was giving toindividual words. After watching my presentation, I realized that Iwas not complementing the information I was reading with facialexpression and physical expressions. According to my colleagues, Ialso failed to maintain direct eye contact with the audience, whichconfirmed that I was shy and nervous during the presentation(Theobald, 2011).

Onmy second presentation, I am planning to portray higher confidenceduring the presentation. I will achieve this goal through speakingslowly, maintaining direct eye contact, as well as memorizing thesubject comprehensively. My colleagues claimed that I had poorlymastered my subject of presentation hence, my explanation was vague.I also stammered on several cases as I tried to recall the right wordto explain various situations. Furthermore, I will ensure to use thehand gestures a few times so that I can concentrate on communicatingthe intended information mainly using facial and physical expression.My colleagues also suggested that I practice public speaking skillsbecause my presentation skills are flawed by stage fright. I willfirst read the presentation to five of my best friends so that I cangain the courage I need to prepare an excellent final piece. I willalso ask my friends to observe my level of courage and gesturecommunication. Once I master gesture communication, improveconfidence, understand the topic deeply, and improve wordpronunciation, I expect to achieve a final masterpiece(Theobald,2011).

Aplan for the five things I will improve

  1. The speed at which I speak during the presentation

  2. Improve facial expression to match the information I am presenting

  3. Practice correct pronunciation of words to deliver the correct message

  4. Improve my level of confidence when speaking in public

  5. Master the subject of my topic and improve eye contact with my audience to maintain its interest in my topic


Theobald,T. (2011). Developyour presentation skills.London, England: Kogan Page.