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Privacy protection


Privacyof personal information

Privacyis an essential aspect that should be observed in the society. Theright towards privacy gives every individual the ability to determinean individual’s private information that should be collected. Italso enables a person to determine how that information effects. Withthe improved level of technology, commercial websites are able togather personal information and in most of the cases the informationis transferred to third parties. There are chances that theinformation will be doctored to give the wrong impression. Thegovernment and other institutions are also known to collectinformation from the public. As a result, cases of fraud and identitytheft have been reported. It is, therefore, necessary to have therights towards privacy. The disclosure of collected information needsto be regulated to ensure security of the public. However, enough hasnot been done to ensure protection of privacy by the government andother stakeholders.


TheUnited Nations declaration has stated that privacy is a human rightwhich is very fundamental. Other institutions such as InternationalConvenant on Civil and Political rights have also supported theright. Failure to observe privacy may result to lack of humandignity. The lack of privacy can eliminate freedom of speech and alsoassociation. On the modern age, privacy has become an importantdebate in many states based on the issues of human rights. The debateis common in countries where privacy policy lacks in the constitution(Connolly,2004).

Thepublic worries about their privacy and the violations that privacy.There has been great fear among the public on the issue ofencroaching privacy. It has led to many nations formulating laws asan effort to protect the citizens on their privacy. Human rights andother concerned groups are expressing fears that there is exportationof technology to the developing countries without adequate protectionmeasures. An example is the surveillance technology which iscurrently used by many nations without restrictions (Chanderet al, 2008).

Onsome occasions, the state may need to gather personal information.The response that is recorded by many people is that they do notmind. People argue that they do not have anything to hide. It can beonly in the occasion that one is doing something wrong that he or shemay have something to hide. However, some information about a personshould be respected. Information on the numbers that person dials andthe conversation he or she holds may not be embarrassing. However itmay result to exposure of a person’s secrets to the public. Itinfluences the dignity of the individual and the way he or sherelates with others. Gathering personal information may at times leadto these situations (Frackmanet al, 2002).

GoogleCompany is condemned for misusing and also manipulating personalinformation. The features Google company has allowed the access ofpersonal information that is contrary to the regulations on privacy.They have faced the law on many occasions because of violating theprivacy of the public. With the advancement in technology, themethods of ensuring privacy protection have adversely changed. Theusage of internet browsing has led to the breaching of privacypolicies (Connolly,2004).

Thestate should make efforts and also every individual to ensure thatprivacy prevails. Every person should be careful on the personal dataone is giving out. It is to make an effort to reduce the digitalfootprints of an individual. One should also identify and avoid thecompanies that do not guarantee the privacy of information. Necessarysteps are required to be observed by every individual to ensureprivacy and also reduce exposure (Frackmanet al, 2002).

Themovement towards consumer privacy is also being established. Itensures that the personal information that is collected is limited.Tools to ensure the privacy of a person prevails are also beingformulated. The tools help a person to mask his or her informationfrom unauthorized persons. The constitution should also be amended toensure that privacy prevails (Chanderet al, 2008).Other efforts that should be considered towards the protection of theprivacy are educating the public. By educating the public thegovernment empowers them on the ways they can ensure they achieveprotection. The field of information technology also requiresprofessionals who can ensure that privacy of the public prevails. Theexisting laws on the protection towards privacy should also becomeeffective (Connolly,2004).

Thestate should ensure that there is a gathering of information of aperson in a fair and lawful manner. It should also apply on thepurpose it was intended for and not manipulated in other ways. Thedata gathered should be in line with the intended purpose whichshould be accurately stated. On the completion of the purpose, thedata should be destroyed (Swireet al, 2012).


Privacyis a basic need to every person. It makes the inner life of a personsensible and separate from distractions and intrusions of the outerlife. Feelings, emotions and true self are in the inner person. Theyshould not become exposed to the public as the life of a person wouldbecome meaningless. Collective efforts should be taken by everyindividual and the state to ensure privacy protection.


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