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Pro-Technology in Philadelphia


Pro-Technologyin Philadelphia

Overthe past decades, there has been a significant advancement in thefield of science and technology. These technological innovations havemade it possible for human being to walk on moon, to communicate to aperson 1,000,000 km away from us, to recall the past experiences wehave through videos, pictures, etc. and many other benefits we canget through technology. As more and more individuals are inclined totechnological breakthrough, the importance of modern technologies isbecoming increasing apparent with these innovations high enough toexceed our expectations as human beings. For everyone to be morepersuaded with the innovations that technology has brought us, the“Pro Technology” advocacy is the perfect suit to a developingcity or state.

Theadvocacy of Pro Technology believes that thefuture of the city is knotted up in its capability and enthusiasm toget everyone engaged in the use ofcomputersand technology. It aims to provide millions of computers to everycitizen and be available all over the city, as well as to provideeveryone equal opportunities to learn, to train, and to establish asense of technological familiarity and responsibility as a growingnation.

Philadelphia,the largest city in Pennsylvania, also supports the advocacy of ProTechnology. It needs to conduct initiative actions to promotetechnological competency in the whole city. One step to a bigtransformation on its technological progress is to make everyoneknowledgeable and exposed to basic computers as what Pro Technologywants to achieve as well. Philadelphiacould purchase up to a million computers and provided them atdiscounted rates to tax paying residents of the city. A basicpersonal computer for every citizen in the city can be a greatbenefit to a growing nation in terms of its technological eminenceand its eligibility to let every individual be trained and to befamiliar with the different devices such as computers. A basiccomputer would be given to the taxpaying resident which wouldeventually be returned for a new one every year. These computerswould be simple but still very much efficient and cost every citizena total of $150.00 per computer.

Knowingthese countless benefits that modern technologies have specified toeach one of us, the Pro Technology advocacy would subsidize residentsof all ages, from undergraduate students coming from low incomefamilies, since everyone is required to use a computer for schoolassignments, projects, work-related tasks etc. Even senior citizensin the city who would normally sit back the whole day watchingtelevision and reading newspapers would be given an opportunity tolearn and to train the basic functions of computers. Thus, computerswere well-designed to suit the basic needs of every individual, ofevery age, and to provide secondary provisions to various tasks madeby everyone of us.

Itis clear that computers are now a part of our regular daily lives.Children who can use computers easily and confidently will do betterin the future. The sooner these children become computer-literate,the better for many aspects of their future lives. &nbspEventhe old ones can also be given a chance to learn and appreciate thevalue of these technologies. There is no doubt that computer, asmeans of technological tools, is here to stay. ThePro Technology’s initiative would provide a wide range ofindividuals with equal opportunity to increase computer competency,thus, increases our city’s technological aptitude and potential.Computers have already played a significant role to each one of us,and that modern lives would not exist without computers. Indeed,computerswill have a bright future. We all need is to look ahead and to markthe changes coming in the world on account of computer and profitfrom it.