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Inbusiness, there are various ways in which attitudes of managers havechanged towards their workforce. This paper seeks to provideinformation on how this attitude has changed based on the durationsince the early days of classical as well as scientific management.The main thing that has led to these changes is the fact that manymanagers want to have positive impact on their businesses and achievetheir set goals. The main aim of any business organization is to makemore sales of their production and earn more profits. Due to thecompetition that has been increasing over the years, the managershave always wanted to fight this competition effectively for thepurpose of making certain that they do not experience losses. In thiscase, I will explain about the quality management as well as qualitycontrol in business organizations and why both of these aspects haveled to changes in the managers’ attitude.

Qualityin a business environment is defined as the non-superiority orinferiority of an object. It is also related to a purpose of creationaimed at attaining the fitness of something. Different organizationshave been found to implement the processes involved in qualitymanagement and quality control, in the various operations of thebusiness (Mukherjee, 76, 2005). Various organizations define qualityas the gradation to which a scheme meets the requirements of thecustomers. In this case many managers are applying this for thepurpose of effw3cively fighting competition and achieving their setgoals.

Thedefinition provided by organization managers is related to theproducts and services offered in every company. Therefore, qualityrefers to the standard of goods and services that are being offeredto the customers. Maintaining the standard of goods and services hasbeen found to influence the operations in the organization in apositive way, as it has also helped in increasing the competitiveadvantage of the company. This is because if the organization is in aposition to produce and supply high quality products, they will beable to maintain the clients they already have and even go to anextent of attracting more. In this case, it is an added advantage tothe organization since it will be in a position to meet its setgoals.

Researchindicates that the main determinants of quality in variousorganizations are the implementation of the processes involved inquality management and control. The human resource management hasensured that the leadership as well as the employees follow theguidelines provided based on quality manufacturing of goods andservices to the customers. Due to the increase in competition everymanager works to make certain that their employees adhere to all therules and regulations for the purpose of achieving the best.

Thesestrategies are aimed at ensuring that the requirements of thecustomers are attained and can be provided whenever there is a need(Ochola, Sanginga &amp Bekalo, 54, 2010). These guidelines includelaws governing employee champion, customer champion, and continuousimprovement, learning institutions, leadership, paradigm shift andcorporate goals among others. These laws are aimed at ensuring thatthe employees do not apply their own agendas in the operations of theorganization. This has helped in maintaining the value of productsand services accessible at the organization. Every organization hastheir own schedule as well as rules and regulations to be followed.In this case every manager works to make sure that there regulationsare the best. This is meant to make sure that they perform betterthan other competitors. This is majorly because these managers aredetermined to provide the best of services. Maintain their clientsand attract even more.

Qualityhas also been enhanced in the organization by ensuring that thecommunication between individuals from diverse departments is managed(Hiles, 65, 2010). This has enabled the managers to understand thevarious problems faced by the employees in the departmentaloperations. Therefore, solving problems and enabling employees tohave a conducive environment for the work being undertaken hasincreased efficiency and effectiveness, which has also helped theorganization in its growth and development processes. In this case,every manager works to make certain that there is an effectivecommunication between all he units involved. This means that thereshould be an effective communication between clients and theemployees. Employees are supposed to be polite to the clients andmake sure that they are served as they are supposed to. There shouldalso exist an effective communication as well as relationship thatshould exist between employers and employees in an organization. Thisis meant to make sure that they work together towards achieving thesame set goals. Working together will help in making certain thatevery day’s work is done to completion and that each day unfoldswith new set goals. In this case, managers who use such strategiesare in a position to make the best out of their daily activities.

Thehuman resource managers have also developed ways that are efficientin ensuring that workers in the various departments are effective.This was also found to increase the quality in of production andoperation in the organization (Blanchard, 56, 2011). The employeeswere offered with gifts and pay offs whenever the departments theywork in, improved. This motivated the other workers in otherdepartments to work harder. Every manager works to make certain thatevery department in an organization works towards performing theirduties effectively. This helps the whole organization with the issueof doing away with pending jobs. In this case, every department workstowards making certain that every assignment is attended to and thatwhen each other new day unfolds it does with other new duties. Withthis implementation, it is yet another added advantage to theorganization since it will help in ensuring that the clients arepleased with the services offered. In turn, this will help theorganization to continue maintaining its clients.

Variousbusiness organizations have been found to be benefiting from goodquality management and quality control. This is based on the factthat, the number of customers being attended to in the society hasincreased. This has been based on the notion that, the standard ofgoods and services offered by the organization has necessitated theincrement in the number of customers who purchase their products inthe organization. This is a feature which gives a clear impressionthat good quality as well as management helps organizations to carryon with their daily activities in an effective manner. This is yetanother reason which has made managers to change their attitudestowards their work. They want to make sure that all their dailyactivities are run as expected and that every client is satisfiedwith the services offered.

Researchindicates that there are various businesses that have implementedquality management and control, which has necessitated effectivenessand efficiency in the various operations, in the organizations(Brocke, Roseman, 34, 2010). This has been the main role of the humanresource management and has been laid down among the goals andobjectives, to ensure that the necessities of the customers areattained. In this case, the human resource management in anorganization is supposed to make sure that quality management andeffective control are implemented. This is another reason why everymanager seems to have changed their attitude over the years. Managersare trying to be competitive because every management wants the bestfrom their organization. This helps to make sure that everything isdone as expected and that every employee carries out his or herassignments effectively. In this case, there is creation of a healthycompetition where everybody tends to fight it and make sure thattheir organization stands out from the rest. The competition strategyis what has been used by most of the managers. They compare theirorganizations with their competitors and ensure that they implementstrategies that will make them different. This is what is making themdifferent and know how to provide for their

Qualityin an organization is assessed by the standard of goods and servicesbeing offered. If the standard of goods being provided meets therequirements of individuals in the society, then the quality of goodscan be termed as high. Quality control can be implemented by thehuman resource management of the organization. This can be doneeffectively by ensuring that there are strategies implemented, toensure that the employees work relative to the expectations of theorganization and the customers. Wal-Mart quality management has beenanalyzed from the operations that have been commenced as well asrules and regulations laid down, governing the diverse departmentaloperations.

Conclusionand Recommendation

Fromthe information provided, it is clear that there have been manychanges that have taken place in the field of management. There arevarious reasons as to why these changes have taken place as well.Quality management and quality control have been found to influencethe operations in various departments in an organization positively.This strategy has been found to help in the production processes andwell as ensuring that the requirements of the customers and otherindividuals in the society are attained.

Qualitymanagement helps in ensuring that goals and objectives in theorganization are attained. This is based on the idea that thedifferent processes in the organization are based on the managerialvalues that have been implemented in the organization. Therefore, toensure that there is quality control, the human resource of theorganization should ensure that there are guidelines aimed to governthe operations undertaken by heads of departments in theorganization.

Organizationsshould be advised to apply the methods of quality management andcontrol in the various operations undertaken in the organization.This will help in increasing the levels of operations and thestandard of products and services, which will help in rising numbersof clients to the organization. This has also been found to increasecompetitive advantage of an organization.


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