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Profiling Serial Murderers


ProfilingSerial Murderers

ProfilingSerial Murderers

Serialkiller refers to an individual who is involved in mass killing over along period. Observation has been made that serial killers are mainlymales and are motivated by different psychological urges and powers.They are involved in more than three murders of many victims indifferent events. The United States bureau of Statics hasdifferentiated serial killers from spree killers in that, serialkiller have rest periods between the offenses. The reference handoutconcerns different types of violent crimes and the mobility of serialkillers. Holmes and Holmes give critical analysis of several types ofserial murders and the factors that motivate persons to participatein serial killings (Holmes &amp Holmes, 2009). This essay willcritically discuss serial murders, their mobility and different typesof serial killers.

Spatialmobility and general traits of serial killers

Atypical serial murder is said to be male and mainly prefer femalevictims from their own racial group (Holmes &amp Holmes, 2009). Theydo not travel abroad in search of victims but kill people aroundthem. The serial killers are aged between twenty five and thirtyfive. This age is said to be old than the age of individuals whocommit general offenses of homicide. All serial killers are motivatedto commit the offense of murder with sex being major factor to manykillers. Genetically serial killers are said to be abnormal and arealways psychotic. According to Holmes, Serial killers have thefollowing general traits that may act as warning symbols,

Theyhave fire starting character and thrill of destroying things in aviolent manner. Serial killers act arrogantly and are very cruel toanimals. They feel satisfied by killing big animals such as cats anddogs during the childhood stage (Holmes &amp Holmes, 2009). They donot care about peer games but always do extraordinary things that arecriminal in nature. Bed wetting is another character experienced inchildhood of future serial murderers. They do it even when they havepassed the acceptable stage of this action. Therefore, a serialkiller will be known at their minor age depending on the events theyinvolve themselves in and what physic they have.


Serialkillers choose victims depending on their vulnerability. They mainlyprefer people whom they can easily dominate and access. Holmes arguesthat prostitutes, homosexuals and children who have run away fromtheir parents create a good opportunity for serial murders topractice their killing skills.

Typesof serial killers

Basingthe discussion on motivation to kill, the following types of serialmurderers are evident,Visionarykillers compelled to commit an offense by internal voices and aresaid to be psychiatric. They do not reason efficiently and are alwaysthinking of murdering innocent people. They are poor in planningtheir events and are always found to leave physical evidence at thescene for criminal investigation. Hedonistickiller is another category that includes lust and thrill killers.Lust kills for sex and the offense reflect sexual fantasy involvingpostmortem action and torture. On the other hand, thrill murderscommit the planned crime to satisfy their desire for sex but thevictim is alive and has to feel the crime being inflicted on theirbody. Thrill killers control themselves leaving very little evidencefor criminal investigation. Comfort killer also is a murderer in thecategory of hedonistic serial killer. He is motivated by materialgain but nit sexual gratification. It is done very fast withouttorture and well planned leaving no room for criminal investigationof the scene.

Finallyunder motivation category there is power or control violent offender.They gain satisfaction by torturing their competitors and puttingthem under their control (Petherick, 2006). They carefully plan andcontrol their actions, do not overkill and transfer the body of theirvictims away from the criminal scene.


Holmesarticulated that, the criminals position their body in a manner thatthe authority cannot easily trace physical evidence in the crimescene. Others dispose of the victim’s body at a place very far fromthe crime scene while covering and violently blindfold them that theycannot cry for help. Because the victim selection is done carefully,they kill strangers and make sure they have carelessly injured themon their faces making it very difficult to investigate the incident(McCrary&amp Ramsland, 2003).Serial murders use superior weapons that authority finds it hard tosave, vulnerable lives of children and women. There is a problem oflinking cases by different police agencies that promote recurringmass killing by an individual over a long period. The offenseinvolves strangers making it a great challenge to be detected byneighbors and the authority.

Inconclusion, serial killers involve themselves in multiple violentoffenses over a long time. They are genetically abnormal and have apsychiatric problem. Many serial murders prefer women and childrenbecause they are vulnerable and easily accessible. Prostitutes,homosexuals and children who have run away from their parents createa good opportunity for serial killers to gratify their desire ofkilling. They are strangers and use excellent weapons disposing oftheir victims wisely. Some plan and control their crimes making itdifficult to trace physical evidence for criminal investigation whileothers overkill torture their victims and leave the bodies carelesslyin the scene of the crime but attack their faces to hide anyevidence. Therefore, it is very difficult to profile serial killingbecause they are wise and always innovative in hiding physicalevidence.


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