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Q Scores in Sports

QScores in Sports


QScores in Sports

Overall, TimDuncan is more familiar than the average of other NBA players. Apartfrom females between the ages of 12 and 17 years, Tim Duncan is afamiliar sportsman than other NBA players. Duncan’s role in the NBAis a predominant factor on his familiarity among Americans. AlthoughDuncan does not feature in major advertising like other NBA players,he has reached five NBA finals and has won five championship rings.Duncan and other NBA players are less familiar among females withtheir ratings highest among women aged 35 years and above. Duncan hashigh scores among males aged 50 to 64 years and people of blackethnic group.

Overall, NBAplayers received better perceptions than other sportspeople. Theplayers received better perceptions in all the categories of menapart from men ranging between ages 35 to 49. The players had betterscores among females aged 12 to 17 and those aged 50 to 64. Inaddition, the players received better perceptions in all categoriesof household income and occupation, but most people with collegeeducation preferred other athletes. The players achieved greatlyamong Black people and people from North Central and South parts ofthe country.

All segmentshave encouraging opinion of Duncan than the average NBA player exceptin the Blue Collar occupation and in the segment of girls aged 12 to17, perhaps because many people who watch NBA have seen Duncan playand win leagues.

Men in the agebracket of 35 and 49 have a low opinion of NBA players compared toall athletes. In addition, females in the age bracket 18 to 24 and 35to 49 have a low sensitivity to NBA players. Non-black and peoplefrom the west and northeast have a low opinion of the NBA players.

Girls aged 12 to17 have low opinion of Duncan compared to other NBA players.Furthermore, Blue-collar workers have low opinion of Duncan.

Companies that target the general population rather than a nichemarket would likely endorse Duncan. People think highly of Duncancompared to the average NBA player thus, companies especially thosethat target the general population or males between the ages of 50and 64 especially Blacks would find Duncan as a major marketingstrategy. Such companies include McDonald’s, Procter &amp Gamble,Verizon, General Motors, L’Oreal, and AT&amp T among others