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Quality Health Care Concept

QualityHealth Care Concept

QualityHealth Care

ThehospitalI work for is Mount Sinai Medical Centre. The hospital aims atproviding quality health care and maintaining professional standards.The management of the hospital is keen at maintaining professionalpractice in order to ensure provision of quality health care. Qualityin health care is the provision of the best possible services thattake care of all the needs of patients in relation to theirexpectations and the standards that are set for health facilities.Quality health care involves the management, health professionals,appropriate resources and relevant technology. All these componentsmust work in an efficient manner guided by the mission of thehospital to achieve the required quality healthcare.

MountSinai Medical Centre Mission

Thevision of the hospital is to provide high quality health care todiverse community and enhance services through teaching, research,charity, care and financial responsibility (Mount Sinai MedicalCentre, n.d). By providing quality health care, Mount Sinai MedicalCentre will have established the basis for achieving this mission.

QualityHealth Care and Patient Satisfaction

Inline with its mission of providing high quality health care, thehospital has set accountability structures to enhance higherprofessional standards in service delivery at the public hospital.This is done by ensuring that health care officers and doctors at thehospital adhere to professional codes of conduct. Wolper (2004)argues that such a plan makes a hospital a respected center forprofessional health care. Many hospitals have regularly beendescribed as inefficient, understaffed and poorly equipped whichexplains why patients shift hospitals (Wolper, 2004). However, thestrategy at the facility is aimed at encouraging such patients toseek for medical attention at Mt Sinai.

MountSinai Medical Centre has established these structures to promoteservice to all patients. Prior to the access to the health careservice, consumers expect not only the right treatment and servicebut also the right healthcare staff to attend to them. As patients,any person will expect to get timely services with no delayeddischarge or outpatient service. According to Kongstvedt (2001),during the service, customers expect to be treated in a humane waywith good customer service. They expect to be given the rightdirections and guidelines that will enable them to take theirtreatment in line with the required standards. After the service,patients expect the respective response of the treatment according tothe directions and relevant assurances given during treatment.

QualityHealth Care and Community Relations

Toachieve it mission of quality health care to diverse communities,Mount Sinai Medical Centre uses higher efficient communicationchannels when handling regular patients at the hospital. As thenumber of patients at the hospital increases, there is need forimproved relationship between the hospital staff and the patients aswell as the community (Kongstvedt, 2001). This plan paints thehospital as a friendly destination with excellent social skills justas a hospital should be. Therefore, the management at Mount SinaiMedical Centre has established proper communication channels tofacilitate human relations. Moreover, there is a constant need forbetter communication channels among the hospital staff anddepartments to enhance healthy relations.

Toachieve a smooth relationship with the community, the management atSinai applies certain tools that induce community action. The processuses a community guide to provide evidence-based findings andrecommendations (Kongstvedt, 2001). In addition, the management usesa reliable community health database that is essential in planning,implementing and evaluating a friendly community health program.Moreover, the management uses action guides to direct the interactionbetween all it departments with the community by providing policiesand key information as well as step by step details of the program(Wolper, 2013). Moreover, the hospital uses relevant research toenhance the understanding of the dynamics of the community around thehealth facility so as to ensure a successful relationship withpatients from the community.

QualityHealth Care and Management Systems

Inline with the hospital’s mission function of enhancing servicedelivery, the hospital established appropriate health care managementsystems. As the demand for health care increases, the number ofpatients increase which increases the information to be managed. Thispresents a bigger challenge of taking patient details, processingthem and communicating the information to the relevant hospitaldepartments and insurance authorities (Kongstvedt, 2001). Inparticular, the management of Mount Sinai Medical Centre needs fastercommunication of the necessary details in order to approve theirhealth care payments. The hospital therefore has established upgradedpatient record system to expand its electronic medical recordsmanagement system.

Thehealth care management system at Mount Sinai Medical Centre hasimproved the quality of health care of patients by reducing doctors’medical errors (Wager et al, 2013). Some of the patient’s detailsthat can easily be forgotten by the patient, but very crucial fordoctors in prescription are made accessible by medical officers. Forinstance, patients’ history, such as allergies and previousdiagnoses is useful for diagnosis. The other benefit of the system isthe high safety of the data in the databases when the right measureshave been put in place. This is made be possible because all medicalrecords of patients are still be reserved in one database and is onlyaccessed via protected portals by authorized health care provider(Wager et al, 2013).

Dueto the effectiveness of the system and accuracy of records, patientshave a reason to stick at Mount Sinai Medical Centre where theirmedical history is known and stored. The system has provided less orno possibility for mistakes since the critical patient informationcan only be accessed over defined authorization. Upgrading of thetechnology has enabled efficiency and allowed quality health care,which has kept patients returning to the hospital (Wager et al,2013). Patients are now able to access quality health services atMount Sinai Medical Centre since medical officers at the facility aremore efficient than now. This is because medical officers at MountSinai Medical Centre spend less time on paperwork, leaving them withmore time with patients.


MountSinai Medical Centrehasset professional standards and models that drive them to achievequality health care as the ultimate mission of their operation. Toachieve it mission, the hospital has established structures to ensureaccountability by its health care workers and adherence to qualityhealth care mission of the hospital. In addition, the hospital hasestablished efficient models for communication between the staff andpatients and within the organizational structure of the hospital.Moreover, the hospital has developed and put into use reliable healthcare management systems to store and manage electronic data forefficient operation and service delivery. These measures are set toprovide an environment geared at providing quality service topatients.


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