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Quantum Computers



Quantumcomputers are usually believed to be more powerful compared toclassical computers because they have the capacity to solve problemswith many integers. For instance, quantum computers have the abilityto compute the product of 300-digit numbers more efficiently comparedto the classical computers. This capacity allows quantum computers tobreak most of cryptographic systems (Williams,2007). Besides, quantum computers are believed to be more powerfulcompared to classical computers since they have an immense speed. Forinstance, cracking a password can only take seconds when using aquantum computer, but it can take several years, when using aclassical computer.

Peopleconsider the quantum computers as more powerful than the classicalcomputers because of the building blocks of the quantum computers.The primary building block of quantum computers is quantum bits,which are different from the regular bits that comprise the basicbuilding blocks of classical computers (Williams,2007). The quantum bits, unlike the regular bits, can have more thantwo states all at the same time. The superpositions help the quantumcomputers in factoring numbers at an exceedingly vast speed comparedto the classical computers. In a quantum computer, information isusually represented by the physical states, which are adequatelymicroscopic and isolated in order to go along with the quantummechanics laws. This allows the quantum computer to be exceedinglyfaster compared to the classical computers. Besides, people considerthe quantum computers as exceedingly powerful compared to theclassical computers because the spin of one electron increases thecandidates for storing quantum bits. This creates an opportunity formore information to be stored in a more utilizable state. This makesthe quantum computers capable of processing information that requiresvast integers (Williams,2007).


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