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Quatum Teleportation is a Misnomer

QuatumTeleportation is a Misnomer

Teleportationis a concept developed during the Golden Age of 20thCentury Science fiction literature by writers to support their plot.Teleportation, in the concept of quantum entanglement, is thedisembodied transport of the quantum state of a system including itscorrelation across space to another system (q-Teleportation).This system refers to any single or collective particles of matter orenergy. In a sense, you are transporting information in state but notphysically transporting the state itself. The steps in teleportationrequire the identification of the initial state, the transport andlastly the unitary transformation performed locally by the initialstate. The first step in which we can understand the process ofquantum teleportation is to identify an initial state, in which isthe quantum state. A particle which possesses a position in space,energy, angular and linear momentum, and spin is completely describedby a function called wavefunction. Since this function cannot bemeasured completely we use the concept called quantum entanglementwhich the measure particle is came into contact with the receiver.The problem is that the transformation which is the last step cannotbe made because the receiver is already in the state or its componentcannot be changed due to the property of quantum entanglement.Quantum teleportation is misnomer in the sense that neither theinformation nor the material is actually been ‘teleported’. Theoutcome of the quantum teleportation is that the quantum state of thereceiver is destroyed and the transmitter recreates the quantum stateof the receiver so q-teleportationcannot teleport animate or inanimate matter and energy in itsphysical entirety. However, small particles like a photon, since itcan define its own quantum characteristic can use q-teleportationeventhough its original quantum state is destroyed. The science behindquantum teleportation is very infant which makes it a misnomer untilwe definitely understands its concept.


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