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Reflection of Online Learning


Reflectionof Online Learning

Reflectionof Online Learning

Onlinestudies refer to any learning done via computer and internetconnection. It is mainly used by individuals, schooling institutionsand business to train the employees. With the improvement intechnology, the degree of education via internet has increased andteachers prefer training students via computer for it is convenientand time saving. This paper will critically discuss a reflection of astudent who is doing online studies.Individualportfolio she is involved in discussions with otherpeople and the group members for more understanding of differentstudy topics. Reflecting on the experience in her participation ononline discussion, she is found to be excellent and in the fivediscussion sets, the following topics were tackled,UnderstandingInformation Needs that raised discussion based on questions, the newideas from the topic, the most valuable and the extent to which thetopic can fit the wider program. Another question on this study setwas the way learning materials are obtained from the internet. Adebate was propelled on the same by enquiring on the use of Googleand the other tools used and/or learners are curious. Understandingthe pros and cons and their difference from pre-Google searching foracademic sources was brought to the table for discussion. Thedifference between information and data (meta-data) is another listof questions under the first set of study topicsUnderdiscussion set two, the following questions were used as a means topropel a debate, the future of the internet and healthy diagnosisquestions were discussed. The learner also based her discussion onthe perpetuity of any information that was obtained from onlinesources.Basing an argument on the discussion in setthree, the issue of social status of information was discussed. Sheasked the following questions to get an opinion from otherscholars.What is the significance of internet inintellectual inquiry work?Is there any need for valueprivacy and their setting in information technology?Theidea of social profiling was raised and discussed deeply. Set four ofthe discussion concerns mobility of information, the gold standard ofcommunication and the necessity of face to face way of communication,the challenges of texting and the ability to be constantly online.The mobility of information also called for discussion on thepractical and ethical implications of Google Glass, the rumored Applewatch, and other forms of wearable technology. An interestingdiscussion was raised on the use of mobile phones for provision ofhealth services. New evolution for every generation and efficiency ofmobile phones in keeping personal information such as back accountnumber was analyzed.The discussion set three on thesocial status of information formed the most interesting discussion.Internet has promoted research work because it is fast and effective.A scholar is only required to key in the research topic and ispresented with different academic related materials saving time ofgoing through library catalogue to access books that are out datedwith limited information on the topic of study. Google and Wikipediaexcite the author so she feels propelled to freely and efficientlyParticipate in the discussion.The issue of socialprofiling was tackled efficiently bringing out good understanding ofthe topic. Use of internet for research was supported and moreinteresting because the use of Google and Google scholar makeresearch papers standard. Privacy setting discussion promotedstability of people.On the other hand, discussion set oneon understanding information needs was the least interesting. It wasa challenge to express new ideas of an online course. The topic ofresearch methods discouraged the student because it required newmethods beyond Google. Being an online unit, the student found itchallenging to discuss with strangers who may not cooperate or face achallenge of the accessing internet when their contributions areneeded.On the issue of getting learning materials on theinternet, there was a great challenge because several students spenttime and energy to trace efficient materials that give academicallyrelated information. Every scholar prefers different materials andways to obtain the academically related information making itdifficult to agree on the best way to online studies.Thenew class is advised to improve their understanding of online studiesbefore forming and starting the group discussions. They shouldoutline the study questions in a way that every scholar canunderstand and make contributions. It would be better if everybodybefore enrolling for the unit gets a well-connected computer that isportable and fast in searching materials online. They should installdevices that would promote fast access to information and remainplugged in most of the study hours for efficient discussion. Powerfailure should not be encouraged on the learning machines of thediscussion group members. Fines should be imposed on the students whoignore discussions or give least contributions on the topic ofstudy.Group ReflectionEdge discussion groupuses http://edgegroup.weebly.com/ as a website for posting theirdiscussion topics and contributions. This group used nstagram:http://instagram.com/halifax_flowers for the class assignment [email protected] as group email address. These onlinecontacts have promoted efficient group work and access to excellentacademic opinions as posted by learned group members. Every memberhas longing password to the fax and email address and can read andinterprets any topic sent by class supervisor effectively. Thewebsite remains active and every group member has computer skills,which enable them upload academic information at the right time. Edgegroup members are social and quick learners. They are excellent inwritten and communication skills creating a good time for studyingvarious study topics.Every group member played his/herrole in the team. There was an advanced degree of team spirit witheverybody making effective contribution on the assignments given.There are many uses of online and computer-based learning whencompared to face-to-face courses and academic discussions. The groupmembers were flexible and scheduled learning around personal andprofessional work. The group members have created face book accountand regularly meet at the school ground for more discussions.Theonline method of study allowed members to select academic materialsthat meet their understanding level and interest. This promotedvariety of ideas on the given topics. The use of modules that areself-paced enabled learners to give standard points earning the groupvery good marks. Online learning is exciting in nature and learnersjoin discussions freely in the bulletin board at their convenienttime and place. When an individual successfully completecomputer-based units, their knowledge and confidence is advanced andget motivation to take responsibility for their class work.Thisis computer-based class and communication is mainly through face bookand meets at school very limited time. Setting date for face to facemeeting is a great challenge because most of the group members areliving on different far places. Therefore, it is difficult toconveniently organize meeting to strengthen social ties among thediscussion group members. The group members have different culturesand values. They have various opinions on a particular topic and makeit hard to agree on the best response on a given assignment. Somegroup members face the challenge of technology as their countries arethird world. They remain offline most of the time and lack access toacademic materials at the right time. The difference in race andsocial status of group members result to discrimination anddiscouragement on the opinions given.

Thenew class is encouraged to arrange for face to face meetings at aconvenient venue for the group discussion. Every group member shouldbe encouraged to participate on the discussion and be flexible tostudy even at the place of work. The study discussion questionsshould be framed wisely and very effective for interpretation byseveral scholars.In conclusion, online studies arecritical in promoting responsibility of a scholar. All opinions areequal despite the race or social class of the opinion giver. Studentsshould choose the best methods to access academic materials on theinternet and analyze the findings before giving their final answer toany class assignment. Facebook ought not be employed as the onlymeans of communication by scholars. They should employ active fax,email and websites for effective communication.

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