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April15, 2014

Danielworks in the book blessed to bless, is aimed to provide Christianswith opportunity to create new or renew their relationship with Godthrough Jesus. He observes that when walking with God one gets toknow that there are seasons of high and lows in our relationship withGod. As such some people easily lose their hope in God when faced byhard times. Daniel therefore observes that Christians need to alwaysseek fresh joy in their personal relationships with God. This is onlypossible through returning to the basic themes of scripture, &quotGodwants to bless me and make my life a blessing to others”. In thisregards he calls on Christians to assist others have strongrelationship with God.

Inhis reflections, he further observed that Christians need to changeprogress and improve on their behaviors and production of goodbehaviors in line with Gods scriptures. This paper will focus onthese reflections radical renewal of Christian faith, relationalaspect as expressed in the life of Christians and the resolvereflection as individual seeks to express their radical and renewalof their relationship with God (Fullerton,2003).

RadicalChange Heart and Mind Spiritual Renewal in a Christian’s Life

Spiritualrenewal does not mean equating it with performing good works rathertrue spiritual renewal means focusing on what is observable, can bemeasured and control. In undertaking spiritual renewal, means changein emotions, attitudes, heart and mind as facilitated by the HolySpirit. The Holy Spirit changes the inner being of individuals whichis the root of individuals’ existence and as such individuals areable to express external renewal in their work. This aspect ofspiritual renewal is similar to rebirth, conversion or having beenmade ‘alive in Christ’. Spiritual renewal is thus a radicalprocess which expresses itself in changed hearts, minds and theirwills. Through the Holy Spirit, individuals are reborn and renewedChristians are made new creatures in Christ. This means a Christianold self is replaced with new self.

Ina Christian life spiritual renewal is expressed through inner battlea faithful faces when confronted with sinful desires that arecontrary to Holy Spirit as such Christians do not do what theirwant. The old self sees good things in the past life and the sinmocks the new self. All this happens when a Christian has beensanctified with radical change and the battle in their hearts remaina constant parallel reality in their lives. Through Christ Christiansare made perfect but when faced with such challenges they feelimperfect and uncomfortable. Daniel reflects that, in his life, herealized that spiritual conflict is a sign of life and that the HolySpirit has his way in Christians lives (Fullerton, 2003).

Therefore,Christians need to strengthen their spiritual renewal and growth byretuning to the gospel as the mainspring of sanctification. RenewedChristians should grow in their desires and aspirations, as theChristian self grows it will exert its will and resolve againstsinful aspirations. In addition, spiritual renewal means embracinginner transformation and this is why and how Christians shouldexpress their spiritual renewal.

SpiritualRenewal is expressed through Relational Changes in Christian’sLife.

InChristian lives, they need to express their spiritual renewal throughtheir daily activities in the lives of friends and enemies. Thismeans spiritual renewal in a Christian life can be expressed throughaffections, emotions, humility, memory and reasoning. Christiansshould love God by obeying and keeping the commands and words ofGod. By listening, thinking, talking and pleasing God, Christiansexpresses their love to God. Furthermore, spiritual renewal helpsChristians regain their joy thorough enriching their personalrelationship with God. Christians should see themselves as God seesthem bearing appropriate fruits, having peace and comfort regardlessof trials and persecutions. In this cue, Christians with renewedspiritual strength are able to face defeatist attitude and keepdiscipleship to God.

Similarly,Christians should express their spiritual renewal by encouraging,supporting and loving other Christians. In this way, they are able toadmonish Christians who live carelessly, have spiritual immaturitywith love Christians will discipline their fellow Christians therebycreating strong fellowship. In addition, Christians should expresstheir spiritual renewal by extending their love to the sinners. Thismeans teaching, proclaiming the love of God to all in line withobeying Gods command of making disciples (Fullerton, 2003).

RenewedResolves in a Christian’s Life

Christiansshould not always talk of spiritual renewal rather they shouldresolve to act through personal ambition and help others in spiritualrenewal. This can be achieved through, seeking true renewal throughGods Word, through head and heart, through Gospel and law, andthrough evangelical admonition (Fullerton, 2003).


InChristian life, spiritual renewal is very critical to individualChristian and also other Christians. Christians need to strengthentheir spiritual renewal and growth by retuning to the gospel as themainspring of sanctification. They should express their spiritualrenewal by encouraging, supporting and loving other Christians. Inthis way, they are able to admonish Christians who live carelessly,have spiritual immaturity with love Christians will discipline theirfellow Christians thereby creating strong fellowship.


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