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Religion and Politics


Religionand Politics

Religionand Politics


Theplanting fathers were the people who introduced religion in America.Conversely, the founding fathers were those who determined the placeof religion in public circles. The planting fathers believed in onereligion that guided the entire society while the founding fathersbelieved on religious freedom (Lambert,2005).


Libertydenotes the freedom to do what is considered right and acceptablewhile license is the freedom to do as one wishes with no restrictionsof any kind. License is a false form of freedom that leads to chaosand disorder while liberty is a form of freedom that is gearedtowards creating order in society.


Religiousfreedom is the ability to practice any religion that a person deemsright and true while religious tolerance is the ability to withstandanother person’s religious opinion even if one does not necessarilyagree with it (Lambert,2005).For example, the American society practices religious freedom, whereevery individual has the right to worship within any religion whilereligion tolerance is the ability of different religions to co-exist.


Accordingto Lambert, the freedom of religion in the American society can becredited to the founding fathers who wanted to have a separation ofthe state and religion. The founding fathers were the ones whocrafted the American constitution, which ensured the separation ofthe state and religion and safeguarded the freedom of religion(Lambert,2005).


Biblicalparody is the satirical interpretation of biblical teachings inaccordance with the society. Biblical parody demonstrated therelationship between civil and religious oppressions of the society.Biblical parody demonstrated how politicians and the civil societyused religion to control society by manipulating the religiousteachings to suit them.


Religionin early Massachusetts faced many conflicts with the county’sgovernment allowing only freemen who were members of the church toown franchises. The constitution only recognized people who weremembers of the church. The church members had freedoms such as owningbusinesses and participating in the voting.


TheEpiscopal Christians were members of the Anglican Church branch inCanada and America. The Episcopal Christians played a role in theAmerican Revolution by justifying the revolution against the Britishas the will of God. The Episcopal Christians played a role byoffering religious guidance and encouraging people to join themilitary ranks. The Episcopal Christians also fought for religiousfreedoms as they wanted to sever the control of the Anglican Churchin America by the Anglican Church of England.


TheState of Virginia was one of the most religious states. However, thestate has one of the most extensive statutes on religious freedombecause the established religions faced many break- aways withdifferent doctrines. It was thus important to ensure freedom ofreligion so as to accommodate all the religious views of the citizens(Lambert,2005).The citizens needed to have freedoms so as to choose religiousbeliefs based on personal convictions.


JamesMadison, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin favored religiousliberty as they believed that the church and the state were separateentities. On the other hand, George Washington favored religiousestablishment as he believed that the religion is a crucial part ofsociety.


Thepro- religious establishment believed that the role of religion wasto promote order in society. They believed that the religion was theonly way to ensure that people followed law and order. Those who didnot favor the establishment argued that the religion was a personalchoice and the state had no place in controlling the souls of thepeople. Religion was a personal conviction that was between man andGod and thus, the state had no right to interfere.


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