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Research Methods




Qualitativeresearch methods are the best when sampling small amount of data sineit involves in-depth analysis of data from few sources. For example,researchers using qualitative research approach often take few peopleor samples to represent other samples. The researcher then conductscomprehensive assumption of the samples chosen to get completeinformation regarding a given sample. The conclusions made from thestudy are based on the conclusions the investigator makes afterreviewing the evidence. Studies that are aiming at assessing thereasons things work as they do find qualitative research approachuseful in digging out facts. On the same note, qualitative researchapproach is more affordable than other methods such as qualitativetechniques. The difference in the cost of investigation arisesbecause quantitative researchers require evaluating a large amount ofdata, and then drawing conclusions based on that information (Neuman,2007).


Quantitativeresearch methods are the best when used in analyzing a large amountand varied data. Researchers collect a large quantity of data, andthen evaluate it to draw conclusions based on the findings they getfrom the information. The accuracy of the analyzed information has ahigher probability of being accurate because researchers giveaccurate and numerical data to particular information. In addition,quantitative research process enables the researcher to generalizethe findings acquired from a large sample of data such as populationfrom different countries. Although the cost of collecting andevaluating vast data can be costly, some data collection methods suchas telephone interviews and online questionnaires provide a quick andsimple method of data evaluation. The fact that quantitative researchmethods observe a large number of people makes it more credible withresearch financiers such as politicians. Furthermore, researchers caneliminate the base influence of several variables, thereby allowingone or two major cause and effect factors to drive the research(Neuman, 2007).


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