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Thedescription of the art work and the artist pointing out the body ofthe paper is done here.


Descriptionof the painting is done here, looking at denotative and connotativefeatures. In this case, the descriptions are related to the art workentitled ‘The expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise’ painted byBenjamin West.


Personalresponse and reflection on the art work is given as a researchers’recommendation in relation to the text or discussion above.


Showscitations done in the paper. The format depends on recommendationsor instructions from the Lecturer.

Theexpulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise

Inone of my visits to the national art gallery, I was attracted by apainting done by Benjamin west in 1791 entitled the expulsion of Adamand Eve from paradise. It was a painting done on high quality linencanvas and kept by the Avalon fund and Patrons permanent fund1989.12.1. Today’s picture has long been the apple of my eye at theNGA. This formidable nine-foot-long painting shows The Expulsionof Adam and Eve from Paradise (1791) and is by Benjamin West(1738 – 1820). Often described as the “Father of AmericanPainting”, West was the most celebrated historical painter of hisday, and the first from his country to gain an internationalreputation. In fact in 1863 he settled in London, where he remainedfor the rest of his life. This work was intended as one in a seriesto decorate the Royal Chapel at Windsor Castle (the overall projectwas abandoned when George III canceled it in 18. It has contrasts oflight and dark color

Thepainting features Eve’s fateful enticement of Adam to take a biteof the apple from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good andevil. Here, the Archangel Michael acts as the agent of the Lordswrath, backed up by a piercing beam “the flaming sword” asexplained in the Biblical book of Genesis[ CITATION nga14 l 1033 ]. Heis seen sending the duo out of Paradise. The sinners, Adam and Evecling to one another and have been slung about by fur robes so thatthey can stand in the presence of the Lord unashamed. Before then,they were naked and it did not bother them. The painting alsofeatures the serpent just by the side slithering away quietly. Theanguish in the face of Adam is very evident as he hides his face fromthe Archangel Michael probably sobbing. The dramatic gestures of allthe three protagonists portrays their authoritative action in thepainting.

Thepainting suggests struggles in life that man has to go through as aresult of disobedience. The clinging of women to men is depicted bythe clinging of Eve to Adam as they are sent out of Paradise.Theanguish and struggles of man goes on throughout life there is need toreconcile with the Lord before acceptance back to paradise. The everpresence of the Serpent in the painting tells of the evil in ourlives that persists all along. It symbolizes Satan who is sly andalways behind the scenes.

Itis all so gargantuan and glorious. Eve could not go with thearchangel or the Serpent but had to cling to Adam begging forforgiveness. Adam ashamed of eve has no other helper. The Lordcannot stand defiance and had to protect other interests other thangood and evil by sending the two away from paradise. The painting isas powerful as it was in the last century with the message persistingon.


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