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Rhetoric Situation


Rhetoricsituation is the existence of an event or rhetorical nature,consisting of an audience, an issue and the related constraints. Thetwo main explanations of rhetorical situations are fronted by LloydBitzer and Richard Vatz. According to Bitzer (220), rhetoric iscreated by the situation and defines it as a complex of objects,events, relations and people that represent actual or potentialexigence. On the other hand, Vsatz argues that it is the rhetoricthat creates the situation, because it is the context of events thatmakes the persuaders to select which event suits their agenda.Bitzer(222) further breaks down the exigence with explanation of mainconstituents that lead to the conclusion of a rhetorical context. Thefirst constituent is exigence, which is an imperfection of urgency asportrayed by defects, incomplete objects and obstacles. The exigencebecomes rhetorical when it is capable of modification that may needthe assistance of a discourse (Bitzer 221). Audience is the secondconstituent that influences an exigence to turn into rhetoricwithout audience, exigence is not rhetoric. Finally, constrainsconnect to the audience, thereby giving the situation the decisionlimits that lead to rhetoric.Onthe other hand, Vatz argues that rhetoric creates exigence. He holdsthat exigencies are caused by the perception of the interpretation ofa situation and not the consequences of objective events. That meansthat rhetoric is situational while on the other hand, situations arerhetoric since it is utterance that leads to exigence and not theopposite Vatz 229). In agreement with Vatz, it is more practical toconclude that it is rhetoric that creates situations. This isbecause, without the constituents that lead to rhetoric, then therewould be no situation. WorksCited

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