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Role of theatre in the society

Roleof theatre in the society

Althoughthere are numerous things I have learned about the roles of theatrein the society, my views on this topic has not changed significantly.Theatre roles in the society includes telling stories, providingentertainment, exploring issues, bringing people together, andproviding individual, societal and diplomatic changes. This notwithstanding, the study has expanded my scope in the understanding ofthese roles of theatre in the society.

WhatI have learned in class has conformed and strengthened my beliefs inrelation to the role of theatre. As a result of what I have learnedabout theatre, it is my view that the society can not exist withoutsome elements of theatre. The most interesting thing I have learntthis semester is that everyone in the society has a role to play inthe development of theatre. As such, I am interested in discoveringthe role I can play in the development of theatre.

Amongthe four plays that we read this semester, Dead Man’s Cell Phonewas my favorite play. This is because it was amazing to read how asimple gadget like a cell phone can reveal the dirty secret life of adead person. It was fun to read how Jean’s life changed from theday she took Gordon’s phone to an extent of even donating her ownkidney to let go Gordon’s sins of selling human organs illegally.

Afterthis class, theatre will be a part of my life and I will begin to seemore shows regularly. This is because theatre offers me theintellectual challenge and imagination which I require and cannotfind anywhere else.