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Security Basics Security Services in a wide Range of Applications

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SecurityBasics: Security Services in a wide Range of Applications

Inthe contemporary society, there has been a rapid expansion and growthin portable electronic equipments or devices, which have limitedpowers and which have opened a wide area of compact circuit and lowerdesign challenges and opportunities for the VLSI circuit designers.As a result, the popularity of such devices has necessitated thatthere must be special considerations for the security of suchsubsystems. Unlike security systems of computer networks, whichactually place less stringent limitations towards the power and areaconsumption, the use of portable applications actually call for highsecurity demands. It is therefore due a difference in therequirements that calls for different approaches in both thedesigning and implementation of the contemporary security systems forsuch devices. Given the fact that most multipurpose “smart cards”will definitely be used for various tasks and applications, thesecurity systems of these devices should therefore be implemented atboth public (Asymmetric) and private (symmetric) key algorithms inorder to accommodate numerous application requirements (Andress 41).

Adiagram depicting an example of a Security System

Since entirely all telecommunication and information processing are indigital formats like for instance music, private information andphotos, they can easily be transmitted through optical, copper andeven wireless recipients spread all over the world. As a result, inorder to protect such sensitive data and ensure there is privacy, therelevant information systems should therefore not only be equippedwith cryptography but they should also have robustness techniques.Cryptographic services are normally required or needed in variousapplications like for instance in electronic commerce, securingaccess towards the private networks and in healthcare as well. Inthis case, cryptography refers to a practice in which encryption isused to conceal the text. The use of cryptography services mainlycomprises the maintenance of four major characteristics, whichinclude data integrity, confidentiality, authentication andnon-repudiation.

Accordingto the International Organization for Standardization,confidentiality is defined as making sure that vital information canonly be accessed by authorized personnel. Access towards suchinformation may therefore be in form of viewing, reading, printing oreven just knowing the existence of a given object. On the other hand,many cryptosystems have confidentiality as one of the major designgoals and therefore it refers to privacy or secrecy. Data integrityrefers to the preservation of vital data for the use that is intended(Pomerantz 13).

Inessence, security is a vital issue to all organizations across theworld. for instance, at Google Company, they not only deal withvigilantly protecting their own systems and data but they also wantto provide help to others through their provision of what is known as“Open Source”. Open source refers to the tools that are designedwith an aim of being used by individuals who are either interested oralready working in information security fields. They are thereforecapable of addressing any gaps left by other tools used inopen-source. However, it should be noted that some of the tools couldlead to disruption and even make some of the sites to behaveabnormally due to their design. Such tools should therefore only beused against the services which on has the permission of testing.


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