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Sensory Perceptions



Humanshave five senses, which play a critical role in helping humansunderstand the world. Without these senses, it would be exceedinglydifficult to fathom different issues. for example, it is because ofthe sense of sight that make humans capable of seeing things the waythey are in the world. I believe that humans should trust theirsenses in giving an accurate depiction of the world. There aredifferent reasons to believe that sensory data provide accurateinformation. One of the reasons for believing in the accuracy ofsensory data is through the sense of smell. The sense of smellusually provides an accurate information regarding the environmentthat a person is in for example, in case a person is at home or atthe workplace, and a smell detector goes off the sense of smelldetects whether the surrounding environment is okay.

Anotherreason to believe in the accuracy of the sensory data is through thesense of touch. When a person touches something hot, the sense oftouch sends message to the brain, making the person remove his handor other parts of the body before he gets burnt. Therefore, the senseof touch provides an accurate information regarding whether theenvironment that one is in, or what something that he touches is hotor cold (Taylor,2004).Another reason for believing in the accuracy of the sensory data isthrough the sense of sight. The sense of sight provides an accuratedata regarding the environment that one is in for example, when itis sunny during the day, the sense of sight helps in knowing that itis not cloudy. Besides, when there is a fire, the sense of sighthelps in accurately providing the information of fire through seeingthe fire. Hence, individuals should believe in the accuracy ofsensory data.

Theaccuracy of the sensory data is usually determined by differentfactors. One of the factors leading to the accuracy of the sensoryinformation is food. The brain requires food in order to functioncorrectly, which in turn permits the senses in working properly. Abalanced diet ensures that the brain and senses function as requiredon the other hand, in case the brain lacks the energy it requires tofunction, the sensory data can be affected (Starr et al, 2011).Another factor contributing to the sensory information accuracyentails the drugs. Certain drugs like narcotics and pain medicationcan affect the functioning of the brain. When a person is using suchmedications, there is a delay in time the body takes to react.Besides, some drugs can cause hallucinations that tend to distort howindividuals view their environment individuals do not see things interms of the real world. This therefore, affects the accuracy ofinformation provided by the senses. In addition, sleep is anotherfactor that contributes to sensory information accuracy (Starr et al,2011). When a person does not get adequate sleep, the functioning ofthe brain is immensely affected this also affects the accuracy ofthe sensory information. Therefore, in order to ensure accuracy ofthe sensory information, it is vital for a person to consider havingproper sleep.

Thememory has a role in the evaluation and interpretation of the sensoryinformation. After the senses provide information regarding theenvironment that one is in, the memory plays an essential role in theinterpretation and evaluating the situation in the environment(Hayek, 1999). For example, through the sense of sight, a person iscapable to see fire however, without even touching the fire, thememory has a role in interpreting and evaluating the situationpresented by the fire. Therefore, it is through the memory that oneknows that the fire is hot even without touching it.

Althoughthere are strengths that make humans trust in the accuracy of thesenses, there are also some weaknesses of the senses. Differentsenses have varying limits, which lead to the weakness of the senses.For instance, humans have a limit of vision since they can only see arange of colors for example, humans are not capable of detectingultra-violet light. Besides, senses have a weakness because there isa limit over which humans can hear. Humans can only hear or sense arange of a given pitch or wavelength. On the other hand, humans havea limit over what they can sense through touch take for instance,humans are not capable of sensing or detecting mosquitos touchingtheir skin.


Humansshould trust the accuracy of their senses since the accuracy can beseen through the various senses. For instance, through the sense oftouch, humans are capable of detecting hot substances. Besides,through the sense of smell and sight, humans are capable of detectinga change in their environment. Therefore, despite some weaknesses ofthe senses, humans need to trust in the accuracy of their senses.Humans should consider eating healthy foods and having enough sleepin order to ensure the accuracy of their senses.


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