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Typesof prostitutions

Streetprostitution: This is a type where clients are solicited on thepublic places or streets. It is serviced in vehicles, side streets orshort stay houses and this is done in places where there are no workopportunities (Campagna&amp Poffenberger, 1988).

Brothel:the houses are dedicated to doing sex and have better security thanthe streets. This is usually licensed and is found in places wheresex is discriminated and brothel allowed.

Escort:the client gets sex workers through the hotel staff or phone. This isexpensive due to low turnover by clients and is done in the client’shouse (Sleightholme &amp Sinha, 1997).

Private:the client looks for the sex worker through the phone and the sexwork is done in sex’s worker house. This is expensive.

Window:this is the brothel with prostitutes displayed publicly and is doneduring cold climates.

Club:bar and dancehall the sex workers are solicited in alcohol venuesand serviced elsewhere.

Otherall male venues: clients are gotten from the male venues likebarbershops or hotel room or boarding house (Rathus et al, 2014).

Transport:the sex workers are picked in stations or terminals and boards thevehicles with the crew (Sleightholme &amp Sinha, 1997).

CBradio: the prostitutes drives along highways with a radio which sendsmessage to willing drivers and is serviced at parking areas.

Othertypes of solicitation: this is through notice boards, sex workercatalogues, newspaper adverts and internet and is serviced in indoorvenues or brothels.


Theprostitutions and cyber sex is a matter of concern because it bringsabout irresponsible behavior and depicts the society as rotten. Theseacts cause the transmission of STDs/AIDS. Also, it is seen as sourceof income but at times when there is no client one may tend to commitcrime like armed robbery causing insecurity (Campagna&amp Poffenberger, 1988).Also these issues leads to premature sex and teenage pregnancy posingchallenges to social welfare of the mother and the child in additionto loss of tax dollars in caring for these individuals. The cyber sexhas actually disseminated a lot of obscene materials to the youthsand majority wants to replicate them lading also to the above statedproblems (Rathus et al, 2014).


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