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Sexual Response Cycles


SexualResponse Cycles

SexualResponse Cycles

Thehuman sexual response refers to the psychological and physiologicalresponse the body undergoes as it prepares for sexual intercourse.The information is critical for sex counselors as they can help newheterosexual couples to understand the way they can satisfy eachother sexually. A good understanding of the human sexual responsecycle theory by Kaplan, as well as that developed by Masters andJohnson, help sex therapists identify positive behavioral strategiesthat can help them to cope with sexual challenges.

Forexample, if a married couple seeks sex therapy from a counselorbecause the woman has lost sex passion, experiences anxiety duringintimacy, as well as well as pain during penetration, a counselorwill require the skills developed by the researchers to determine asuitable solution to address the problems. One of the reasons thatcould have made the woman lose sexual desire with the husband couldbe lack of communication between the partners so that they canunderstand each other’s physical desire. According to Kaplan’stheory, the first stage to getting intimate is developing desire forthe act followed by the excitement phase. A woman who suffers fromstress of painful penetration disorder during coitus possible skipsthe first two stages (preparation stage) to the resolution phase,which aims at giving sexual satisfaction. However, if a man fails toprepare a woman psychologically for the sexual act, penetration wouldbe painful the vagina lacks lubrication. A relationship counselorwith a comprehensive understanding of the sex response cycles canhelp the couple to understand the approach they should follow toovercome the sexual obstructions, as well as rejuvenate theirintimacy life once more (Rathus et al., 2014).

Thesex counselors should understand the similarities and differencesbetween men and women so that they can easily diagnose the patientsuffering from sexual disorder. In addition, sex therapy targets bothmen and women. A counselor should be in a position to listen to thegrievances presented by a couple, and identify the difference gapthat could be encouraging the problem that could be contributing tothe problem (Rathus et al., 2014).


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