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Sidney Nolan and Albert Tucker Evaluation


SidneyNolan and Albert Tucker Evaluation

Paintingsstand as one of the commonly utilized ways of communicating a givenidea from one party to another. In most of the traditioncommunications, paintings were used in communicating or delivering acertain message to the subjects or to the rulers. For instance, inthe roman history, paintings have been used to portray many thingssuch as power, respect, and fear among other things. Sidney Nolan andAlbert Tucker emerge as two of the most recognized artists for theirartistic work in painting. Both of these of these artists have at onetime depicted their role in painting different art works. For AlbertTucker, Apocalyptic horse has been one of his art works, while theTrial is one of Sidney Nolan’s work. In this assignment, SidneyNolan’s Trial and Albert Tucker’s apocalyptic horse will bediscussed (Tucker et al, 2005).

Tucker’sworks created a disturbing feeling since he painted carcasses ofanimals that were decaying as a result of drought. In his painting ofthe apocalyptic horse, Tucker depicted the dark side of humanity,which showed fear, struggle, anxiety, and trauma. It was due to thisdisturbance that caused fear and anxiety that laid ground for therise of fresh forms of awareness and thinking. The color of theapocalyptic horse depicted fear since it had some dark coloration. Besides, the texture of the painting was rough, which was anindication of the roughness that the horse could drive into. On theother hand, the lines within the painting were clear indicating thepresence of bones in the apocalyptic horse. This depicted that therewas a problem in the horse getting enough due to fear. The entirepainting is filled of fear. The horse itself is emaciated indicatinglack of the basic commodities such as food. In addition, the presenceof a shrub is an indication of presence of a dry region (Sayers etal, 2005). Therefore, the entire painting of Tucker was an indicationof hardship, which was well expressed through various descriptions.Furthermore, the painting depicts the horse in agony, which isdepicted by the horse removing its front teeth. Therefore, the entirepainting as depicted by Tucker does not indicate the presence ofpeace, but rather its absence.

Onthe other hand, the Trial is a painting that shows Ned Kelly’strial and Kelly is shown having handcuffs. According to the contextshown by the painting, there is no happiness. For instance, thedepiction of Kelly in handcuffs is a clear indication of some kind ofproblem existing within the parties. The color in this painting is amixture of black, red and white. This is an indication that there aresome individuals, who are happy with the trial, which indicatespeacefulness. On the other hand, red is an indication that theremight be danger in delivering the decision reached by the judge. Inaddition, the black color in the painting is an indication that thereare some individuals that are not happy with the trial. The textureof the painting is rough, which indicates a rough response from thetrial. Furthermore, lines in this painting emphasize the feelings ofindividuals in the trial.

Bycomparing the two works, there is a clear indication that bothpaintings havea been used to show injustice and the course thatcommon individuals are likely to face. Besides, the contrasts in thepaintings have indicated dissatisfaction.


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