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1) Introduction 3

2) Current Marketing 5

3) Current Web Marketing And Social Media Marketing 8

4) Improvements and New Web Marketing Proposal 11

5) Budget and Timeline 14

6) Personal Reflection 18

7) References 20


  1. Introduction

1.Describetheassigned organization including but not limited to the nature ofbusiness, products and services.

Singaporetelecommunication limited also abbreviated as SingTel group is themarket leader in communication. They provide a lot of multimedia andinformation communication technology solutions in addition to data,voice and video services in a wireless and fixed platform (SingTel,n.d).It is involved in provisions of

  • Facility management,

  • Information technology, consultancy y and internet access services

  • Management, business and technical consultancies

  • Services on IT disaster recovery, broadcasting, interactive television, rental equipment, mobile phone, telecommunications, data communication and finance.

  • Handset insurance

  • Research and development, business partnership activities and product and service development

  • Venturing in capital investment holding, provide and operate cell mobile telecommunication system and service.

  • Reselling of broadband and fixed line service

  • Provide satellite capacity for video broadcasting and telecommunication service

  • Providing storage for submarine cables and equipment.

  • Develop and manage online internet portal

  • Provide restaurant review portal and advertisement

  • Selling and maintaining telecommunication equipment including operating as a C1 satellite contacting party

  • Involved in distribution of data communication and telecommunication products

  • Invest in infrastructure on telecommunication network

  • Distribution of prepaid mobile product

  • Operation and maintenance of fibre optic network

  • Management, operation and provision of call centre

  • Provision of services in system integration, communication engineering, information technology , marketing and engineering and general support services

  • Development and reselling of software

  • Provision of information concerning products and services

  • Operation as a trustee for superannuation scheme.

Themain operations are located in Singapore and Australia but itsheadquarters is in Singaporeand it is a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Limited.It has over 130 years experience and has played an important role inthe development of Singapore as a key communication industry.Currently, it continues in leading and shaping the local digitalconsumer and enterprise markets (Singh,1998).

Itis an investor with long term strategies and works closely bymaximizing their scales in customer reach, networks and operationalexperience. By March 2013, SingTel had served 468 million recordedmobile customers worldwide. In addition it is the largest company onthe Singapore exchange listing through the capital market. It is alsoincluded in the Australian securities exchange as a result ofattaining Optus in 2001. In order to manage the multinationalcompanies, SingTel has developed a lot of network offices interritories and countries across Asia pacific, US and Europe whileOptus has network offices in Australia. The SingTel has employed morethan 21000 employees worldwide.

SingTelmakes communication faster, easier, reliable and economical through

  • Barrier breaking of technology, time, price, and distance

  • Bond building of their business partners employees, shareholders and., customers

Thedigital age has presented SingTel with numerous opportunitiesenabling it improved customers life standard personally andprofessionally through latest products and innovation and solutionsto problems. This has enabled customers to keep up with highproductivity in workplace for instance with solutions, while gettingaccess to videos and games, TV content, social media and emails whenon the move and at home (Bryfonski,2012).

Ittops the governance and transparency index. In the financial year2012, SingTel received many awards mainly as a result of corporategovernance practices. It won the inaugural internal audit excellenceaward from the securities investors association (Singapore) duringthe investor’s choice awards in 2011.In addition, it was alsohighly ranked in the government and transparency index in Singaporefor three consecutive years presented by Business Times and centrefor Governance, Institutions and Organisations.

Itis also ranked as the leading ethical company. It was admitted to theworld’s most ethical companies in 2011 and 2012 by the EthisphereInstitute, which is as based company recognizing businesses with goodethic and compliance on the set programmes.

Itis one of the few Asian companies ranked and only one of the threetelecommunications worldwide.

  1. Current Marketing

2.Based on published information (organization’s annual reports,websites, industry reports, etc) describetheorganization traditional marketing implementation.

ForSingTel, in terms of competitive advantage, it prefer differentiationinstead of lower cost because it is the largest telecommunicationcompany in Singapore, despite the lower cost which declines theattractiveness of the telecommunication industry to new entrants andat the same time reduces the profit of the company hence thisstrategy was a better choice in comparison to lower cost. Concerningcompetitive scope, SingTel had a product service reaching a widemarket instead of narrow target consistent with the past strategy andthe status of its leadership in addition to corporate scale and itdid not make sense if it left the market doing business withexperience which had been successful. Therefore, with differentiationcompetitive advantage and a broad target, it was recommended thatSingTel adopts differentiation strategy in order to enhance itscompetitiveness in the telecommunication.

Marketsegmentation involves the grouping unique customers in a market tosmaller, homogenous groups. SingTel has had segmentation of targetmarket for the broadband product as shown below and this was alsoused in the web marketing plan.

Thefollowing tables were used in the fiber product marketing plan:

Residential sector



Student plan

Aged from 13 to 21

Staff plan

For staffs under eligible corporate schemes


Open to all eligible applications

Table1: Market segmentation of SingNet broadband (Residential sector)

Business sector

Small &amp Medium Enterprises

Large Enterprise






Normal Business Users


Normal Business Users


Long term partner


Long term partner


Long term partner with great revenue contribution


Long term partner with great revenue contribution

VIP 1-4

Strategic partner

VIP 1-4

Strategic partner

&nbspTable2: Market segmentation of SingNet broadband (Business sector)

Marketingmix is also among the 4Ps of marketing and is used in the developmentof appropriate marketing plan termed by E. Jerome McCarthy asproduct, price, promotion and place or distribution which iscontrolled in the marketing plan. SingTel has been using this in itstraditional marketing and is demonstrated below in Appendix 1.

&nbspProductdecisions deals with color, packaging and brand name. It has beenmentioned that SingTel should chose differentiation strategy inenhancing its effectiveness in the industry. SingTel has offeredadditional services and products to give more high standard endproducts based on the various user groups that are market segments.SingTel classified dimensions of fiber products based on its speedlike 50 mbps, 100mdps, 200mbps, 300mbps and 500mbps and 1gnps. It hasthe the following services and products which can aid in marketingtelephone, broadband, mobile phone service, Mio TV and other valueadded services.&nbsp

Home telephone service


Analog line[5]

Mio voice (Digital line)

5 MB

10 MB

15 MB

Mio TV service


Sport plan (with BPL[6])


Post paid


Table&nbsp3:Current major products provided by SingTel

&nbsp&nbsp SingTelinvested mainly in promotional mix in order to increase exposure ofnew products in to market within a short period of time. The channelsused to distribute information to potential customers includesregular mail which came along with bills monthly, which is a low costand effective traditional channel.

Secondly,it used telephone sales through calling potential customers. Thismode enabled the customers to ask questions and get answers backthough a lot of costs were incurred. Thirdly, it held activitiesmainly in festivals especially in road shows.

Inaddition, SingTel offered premium plans which issued gifts likeiphone, laptop, ipad and other important gifts. This were expensivebut it was deemed necessary because a lot of competitors wereapplying this mode of marketing and had to take the responsibility toprovide better gifts and premium plans.

&nbspPlacemix was important strategy in telecommunication in terms of timelyinstallation and the distribution of gifts, equipments and services.To achieve this, the installation team was expanded in order toensure the new customers who have signed to its service getinstallation within 12 days. Secondly the signpost which is a postowned by SingTel was used to distribute premium gifts and ensured nomistakes were done in its distribution.

  1. Current Web Marketing And Social Media Marketing

3.Based on published information (organization annual reports,websites, industry reports, etc) illustrate(withscreen snapshots) and criticallyevaluate theweb marketing and social media marketing implementation theorganization has in place.

Singteluses the content based social marketing strategy such as the facebook twitter, YouTube, instagram, android app, IOS app, wikipedia, google adwords and other application uses the yahoo. The table belowshows the composition of content based social marketing nnetworks ofSingtel.

Face book


You tube


Android app

IOS app


Google adwords











Italso uses the personality based social maekting in its products asshown in Appendix 3.

Concerningdigital marketing, SingTel formed a marketing team in February 2012to search out for customers who are accessed digitally (Bloomberg,n.d).Its major roles included movement of traditional advertisement todigital advertisement, accessing more digitally connected customersthough social and online platforms and establishing firm socialcommunities (Bryfonski,2012).Through the introduction of vast digital product and serviceinnovation, the web advertising spending was 20% of the totaladvertising expenditure. Through the use of social media, in theearly 2012, after its creation its Facebook fan page reached thetargets 100000 likes and this was important to the company since itopened a new communication channel which enabled reaching thecustomers who are digitally connected in the social network. Later aneditorial page was formed to manage the feedback and content from theFacebook fan page. Not only, does SingTel share its informationconcerning the services, promotions, products, news but also addressqueries and issues which are brought forward by the customers throughits Face book fan page (Bloomberg,n.d).

Ascompared to companies in the telecommunication industry it doesbetter in the online marketing through the social media and leads inface book, twitter, YouTube, instagram and IOS App than any othercompany. Appendix 2 shows the screenshot of SingTel YouTube.

Atthe end of November 2011, SingTel finally launched the TGIS (ThankGoodness It’s

SingTel!).It is video series shown weekly on the YouTube purposely for issuingnew perspective on the new consumer gadgets and technologies. Thisseries was been highly received and had more than 4440000 total viewswithin three months after introduction on the YouTube.

Asa result of increased connection to internets, a lot of users areaiming at staying connected to internet and accessing the email,social network sites, instant messaging and smart phones requiringconnectivity even during hours of travelling (Grappone&amp Couzin, 2006). Characterising interactive setting for a phone, this episode useseducational video format and fun to demonstrate about the Bridge DataRoam service to enable users avoid bill shock through auto suspensionof post paid and its roaming quota is preset at $500 . This episodeenables farmers’ access data at ease when travelling overseas.

Thecompany employs responsible marketing whereby customers have rightson expectation of SingTel to be transparent and honest with them andin return SingTel receives feedback from them. They use marketing andcommunications (marcom) as a delivery to get customer experience. Inthis approach, SingTel aims at ensuring high level of customersatisfaction and improving their experience. There are leadingindicators which are monitored regularly such as brand appeal,campaign electiveness and sharing of market segments. SingTel alsocarries out monthly survey to monitor awareness by customers andcomprehend advertisement messages. The teams in the retail stores aretrained on informing customers about contentious issues beforesigning an agreement. These contentious issues include contractterms, bill shocks and acknowledgement and confirmation of productsand services as under the service agreement.

Allthe value added services are freely offered during the shortpromotion period when customers are signing new contracts (Jones,2008).They are advised through SMS on when the promotion ends enabling themsubscribe or cancel the value added services. Every phone sold camewith one year warranty. SingTel store, singtelshop.com enablecustomers buys latest phones. It offers to each customer a SingTelcontact to take ownership of cases though empowerment of the firstpoint of contact. This enables attending to them and following tofind solutions.

Inthe financial year 2012, SingTel published typical speeds of itsmobile broadband services as a result of feedback from customers.With the wireless technologies, a lot of speeds and experiencedepended on user location, in relationship with the base station,user number in the location, the kind of mobile used, blockages ofstructure and website response accessed. This was published to assurethe customers that their concerns are understood and can be respondedpositively. SingTel was the first operator to do so voluntarily andlater ADA made an announcement that every service provider shouldfollow the suit.

SingTelkept in touch with every new development in the telecommunicationindustry trough cooperation with relevant institutions andassociations. It also ensures compliance with law and review ofstandards in addition to codes to take into practice importantprogrammes and guidelines. For instance, SingTel marketing practicesare inclined with the telecommunication guidelines like premium rateservices, TV advertising, Singapore code of advertising practiceinternet code of practice and consumer protection act. In all itsretail stores, it has installed very interactive screens whichdisplays the up to date promotions and deals, hence reduces the costincurred in store paper brochures and enables customers to retrievethe up to date information they require.

Itsonline store named as single.com was redesigned in 2011 and providescustomers with alternatives with the physical stores. In addition,there is a live chat made available between nine till eleven daily inthe morning to provide users with opportunities to get instantanswers concerning their clarifications. SingTel also considers aftersales as an important means of satisfying customers. It has developeda hotline to offer after sale services in periods not used in livechats.

Throughempowering SingTel ensures that its customers get their specificcontact for attending to them and does this by empowerment of thefirst point of contact. In order to enhance online transactions,SingTel reassure its users, the items bought online are allowed forthe exchange.

  1. Improvements and New Web Marketing Proposal

4.Given a budget of S$100,000, improveonthe organization web marketing and social media marketing strategies.Improvements could be in the form of (i) makingchanges toits current web marketing implementation or (ii) the creationofnew web marketing implementation or even blended offline-webmarketing implementation.

Singtelwants to launch another product. This is the Samsung S6 phone and tomarket it efficiently it has to improvise on its website and thesocial media marketing strategies or implemeations. The Singtelmanagement has set aside $ 100000 to launch this product,

&nbspThewebsite content of SingTel is not optimized and this can be optimizedby using the click and conversation data found in pay-per-clickadvertisement and tracking calls. It ensures the marketing message isfocussed only in the target market and the message is clear to bediscovered by the search (Clarke,2010).This ensures the marketing is directly focussed on the targetedmarket and it is clear to the willing customers to notice it throughthe search engine. The responsible person to do this is the webmasterand more additional funds need to be added (David,2011).

Thecompany is currently optimizing the Web Site Structure. This is bybuilding Word Press to make the platform up-to-date and is adequate.It is recommended that page numbers should be changed to reflectsearch engine contents. Thank you and a content form need to be addedin addition to phone number above the fold. This can effectively bedone by hiring a webmaster.

Employmentof Strategies to Attract Search Engines. This is an ongoing processand an intensive keyword research will be completed through addingmore keywords like revised sitemap, internal links, headings, titles,image tag and copy. When these changes are made in the site it shouldbe submitted to the main search engines. This will lead to moretraffic in the website and higher ranking and recognition from theseengines leading to grater sales. A webmaster needs to paid to dothis.

SearchEngine Advertising or PPC the Google AdWards will be used and ifrequired for more traffic, the Microsoft adCenter will be used tohighly target audience. This advertising, is used for research incoming up with the business and also to drive the traffic from thewebsite. The responsible person is the webmaster

Thecompany lacks the directory Entries and Link Development. This willbe done through creation of a short description of a company andsubmitting in online directories and also creation of more links. Thecompany can identify customer industry and association groups andinclude in it. The links from the SigTel web site is also added. Thewebmaster can be paid to perform this and monitored by the marketingofficer.

Anotherproblem is the lack of Refine Use of Google Maps/Google Local Search.This can be solved by creation of a company listing with the Googlecontaining important information to enable users get importantinformation. It should focus on the local search due to nature ofmarket and also increasing mobile search use. This will increasetraffic in the web site, higher ranking and recognition and betterresearch of the market. Also the company will be more exposed onlineand in mobile search. The marketing officer and the webmaster are theresponsible persons (Eckel,2008).

SingTellacks the informational Articles for marketing. This will be donethrough use of articles present which focuses on business. This isdone by converting articles into PDF format and availing in thewebsite. The information is submitted to various sites and the linkto the web site. The web consultant can be employed to do this job.

Creationof Video for Marketing will be adopted also. This is for marketingreasons and is placed in a home page and promoted throughout thesite. A video on certain information is used to attract traffics andis posted on you tube with a link to the website. A video andjournalism consultant company can be paid to offer this service.

SingTelwill also establish Sustainable Building/Eco/Green Page. This is byresearching and writing the information concerning it. It is done byobtaining images on the real projects and a separate page on the website is created and promoted. A separate page is created on the website and promoted in the online media. A web auditor consultant canbe paid to write this information on the website (Echenberg,2010).

Itwill also establish the Financing Page. A page will be added on theweb site concerning finance of a project and linking it to thefinancing company to increase or attract customers and give them withmore choices and options. It may be to source funds from financialinstitutions. A marketing consultant will be responsible person.

WebPress Release will be established through creation and sending of theelectronic press releases containing news and informationannouncement. SingTel need to come up with news angle and produce theinformational release in absence of news. This will increase the sitevisits and boost the image and the market. The webmaster and themarketing editor are responsible (Bushell-Embling,2010).

EmailMarketing Campaign will be carried out by getting email addressesfrom customers and also the visitors on the website. In addition,emails are gotten from direct mail suppliers. A landing page iscreated on the website to track response. The email also containsspecial offers and sales pitch. The company can pay the mailproviders or suppliers to conduct this task (Senia,2006).

CurrentMarketing Efforts will be integrated with online efforts. This is byintegrating the flyers and mailers with web marketing. The mentionedfeatures of products are added in addition to offers to the mailers.The mentions of flyers and other items are also added in the site.SigTel can look for a specialist consultant to do this (Senia,2006).

Inaddition the Creation of Longer-Term Growth Path will be adopted. Aseparate plan will be created to grow the business as soon as theeconomy recovers and to expand the sales. This includes the types ofchanges in the website and prioritization of marketing efforts. Afinance consultant is employed or paid to do this job (Senia,2006).

OngoingWeb Site Maintenance/Measurement. Site content is updated includingthe keyword research. Also a landing page for special offer iscreated and the sites monitored and the traffic reported(Bushell-Embling,2010).This will lead to engagement on the profit generating activities dueto increased efficiency and time reduction in selling. This will leadto engagement on profit generating activities due to increasedefficiency and time reduction in the selling. A web consultant can bepaid to perform this task.

Sigtelwill again set up Blog. A blog is set up including the networkingstrategy by creating blog entry. The employees need to be advised tobe writing regular blogs and the RSS enabled for the blog. More moneyneeds to allocate for this task and the webmaster can be allocatedwith funds to do it.

SocialMedia Marketing strategy will be built on the social media marketingthrough setting the company profile on numerous network sites and theemployees need to be active on the profiles. In every posting itshould be linked to the website or other online article or blog. Theface book and the LinkedIn will also be used. The LinkedIn will beused to develop contacts with customers and suppliers while thefacebook will be used in the creation of product pages and theestablishment of links in online community (Bushell-Embling,2010).

  1. Budget and Timeline

5.Provide(i)a breakdown of your budget according to your web marketingimplementation and (ii) an implementation time schedule in the formof a Gantt chart.

Singtelis planning to launch a new product or phone which is Samsung S6 andthe budget of $100000 has been set aside to improvise oncurrent web and blend in to the traditional web in order to market itefficiently.&nbsp




1. Optimize Web Site Content


2.Optimize Web Site Structure


3.Employ Strategies to Attract Search Engines


4. Search Engine Advertising or PPC (already in process)


5. Directory Entries and Link Development


6. Refine Use of Google Maps/Google Local Search (in process)


7. Informational Articles for Marketing


8. Create Video for Marketing


9. Establish Sustainable Building/Eco/Green Page


10. Establish Financing Page


11. Web Press Release


12. Email Marketing Campaign


13. Integrate Current Marketing Efforts with Online


15. Ongoing Web Site Maintenance/Measurement


16. Set up Blog


17. Social Media Marketing




Implementationtime schedule.

















1. Optimize Web Site Content

2.Optimize Web Site Structure

3.Employ Strategies to Attract Search Engines

4. Search Engine Advertising or PPC (already in process)

5. Directory Entries and Link Development

6. Refine Use of Google Maps/Google Local Search (in process)

7. Informational Articles for Marketing

8. Create Video for Marketing

9. Establish Sustainable Building/Eco/Green Page

10. Establish Financing Page

11. Web Press Release

12. Email Marketing Campaign

13. Integrate Current Marketing Efforts with Online

14. Ongoing Web Site Maintenance/Measurement

15. New Launch of TIS

iPad Conversion

6)Personal Reflection

6.Writeapersonal reflection on your experience (new knowledge gained from thelectures, your peers and research, problem encountered,problem-solving, struggles, etc.) in this web marketing project.

Themarket research assist managers to get information that aids inidentification and definition of market opportunities and problems,come up with, analyze marketing action, monitoring market results andenhance the understandings of marketing processes.

Manyorganizations use the internet for adverting for advertising mediumdue to its efficiency and ability to be utilized for accessing,organizing and advertisement information (Qualman,2009).The Internet provides the possibility of exchanging and passinginformation by means of interconnected computers. Anybody with acomputer and a modem do communication through Internet and web. TheInternet has many features but the Web is more utilized and popularand is viewed as the widely used component of the Internet (Ramos&amp Cota, 2009).This study touches on the Web as an advertisement medium, with theintention on the responses which the online respondent proceedsthrough when connected to web-based commercial advertising whichtends to persuade the customer to purchase a product, use a serviceor go on into a given action (Safko&amp Brake, 2009).Toacquire an integrated advertisement approach companies endeavor toincorporate online advertising messages.

Asnoted by Viney(2008), theInternet is an important interactive communication media. It hasdifferent featuresfrom traditional communication media. Thenotable characteristics are its flexibility which is much moreflexible than a traditional advertisement or catalogue, because ofability to collect new and updated information on direct feedbackgotten from consumers (Eckel,2008).

Tocontrol financial expenditure the following standards controls shouldbe adopted

  • A budget for analysis and research should be approximately 65% of the annual expenditure

  • The breakdown budget should be 30% for research study and analysis, 30% for customer satisfaction development models and 40% to new product initiation

  • Each responsible person should provide a clear breakdown of how expenditure was used and a report will be compiled by the manager in charge of marketing.

  • In case of any changes in budget the person responsible is the marketing manager and should report to the company director of any other reports.

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Appendix1: screenshot of SingTel Twitter

Appendix2: SingTel’s YouTube

Appendix3: PersonalityBased Social Media Marketing Of Singtel