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Social Interaction




Thestudy of sociology is very crucial in understanding people’s sociallife. It promotes the understanding of why people behave in aparticular manner. Although sociology and daily life are differentterminologies, the two deals with social interaction. Daily life isfull of human beings interacting with others, organizations, ideas,and emotions. Similarly, sociology concerns the study of interactionswith other people, institutions and emotions. Therefore, sociology isreferred to the communication people have every day with objects andothers. Sociology of identification is defined by the clothesindividuals wear their favorite music and the meals they take.Therefore, interaction with norms may be deviant if they are brokenor right if an individual conforms to them. This essay will describesocial interaction in urban areas.

Theobservation is being made in a busy urban centre. As a pedestrian,interaction with people of different social and economic status istaking place. The rich driving expensive cars and political leadersare seen to take control of everything in the urban centre. The poorpeople are seen finding their way out off corrupted urban set up asthe rich force their way on the busy roads. Circumstances have forcedpeople to meet in this place thus they do not seem to be content withthe situation. Everybody appears busy and do not take the time toshare with the others. They do not care to hurt one another. They arestrange and carelessly push their way out of the busy streets.

Structuralfunctionalism is a sociological school of thought that promotescultural understanding in the society. This concept argues thatsociety is like a body with different organs. Like a body, thedifferent institutions in the society are paramount and should allwork to achieve a common goal in the well-being of the society. Theseinstitutions include family, school, church, hospital and law. Thestructural functionalist argues that, if the different structureseffectively play their role, the society is kept stable.

Basingthe discussion on urban interaction, people use symbols to promotesocial stability among the different institutions. In the urbanareas, the law has been put in place by placing traffic lights andmen along the roads. The different signs are applied to maintainorder in the urban centers. However, many people ignore the symbolicinteraction perspective resulting to confusion and state ofinstability in urban centers. The pedestrians’ crossroads when thesymbol requires them to give way for vehicles as the drivers continuedriving when they are required to stop causing accidents in thesociety.

Inthe urban set up observation has been made that, although thestructures are tirelessly stabilizing the society, there aredifferent social classes promoting conflict theory by Karl Max. Heobserved that there exist people of different social status competingfor limited social and economic resources. As a pedestrian in urbanstreets, the rich driving expensive cars are conflicting with thepoor on the roads. They have poor morals as they ignore trafficdirections and cause congestion in the urban center. If caughtviolating the law, the poor are sent to jail but the rich person isset free because they bribe the authority. Therefore, the socialorder is found to be controlled by dominion and of power remainingwith the powerful individuals in terms of politics, economic andsocial resources.

Thesesociological thoughts have helped in understanding why people behavethe way they do. Structural functionalism has promoted theunderstanding of different structures and their role in the society.People having gone through school as a social institution seems tounderstand directions and walk confidently in urban centersindicating that they have knowledge of the area they are heading andknow what they are doing. People have different skills in the urbanstreets and able to earn their living for social order (Schwalbach,2009). Family has played its role in the society and people are welldressed and none was seen walking naked in the town.

Symbolicinteraction has helped in understanding individual’s behavior whilein urban areas. People do not shout at their friends in town but usesymbols for communication. The poor hawkers were seen signaling inthe event of the presence of the authority. These signs help themsave their products and resources as they are doing their businessillegally due to lack of employment and resources to secure legalbusiness venue and earn a living. Some people are seen to understandtraffic lights and act responsively.

Borrowingfrom conflict school of thought, existence of different socialclasses has resulted to poor understanding and lack of unit in urbancenters. Different races and ethnic groups also create disagreementamong people interacting in the urban society. The white people andpolitical leaders look down upon Africans creating unemployment andstate of instability. While walking around the streets, whites arerarely seen walking as blacks poorly dressed and weak congest urbanstreets either carrying heavy luggage on their backs or barefooted.

Inconclusion, social interaction is clearly evident in daily life.People interact with one another in institutions, ideas and emotions.The discussion on social interaction in the urban centre has shownthat, sociological schools of thoughts develop the understanding ofbehavior in the society. Structural functionalism has outlined theimportance of different social institutions in creating social orderas the conflict theory discussed disagreement in the society.Symbolic interaction theory also has helped people understand theinteraction of people along the streets and roads in urban.


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