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Whereassocial identity is supposed to categorize people and not ridicule ormistreat them, it has been used as a tool to discriminate againstpeople and bring about imbalances and injustices in society (Mohanty,2010).Notable is the fact that social identity has been identified withgender, sex and race. In the contemporary world, people arecategorized in terms of gender, sex or even race. One aspect ofsocial identity that has attracted the attention of social theoristsas it did to classical theorists is the discrimination against womenbecause of their gender (Andersen &amp Kaspersen, 2009). It isevident that there has been numerous feminist movements, which seekto establish the place for women in society as equal members.

Itis paramount for discuss a life episode that occurred to me as aresult of the fact that am a female. Simone de Beauvoir was a socialtheorist who strongly opposed the discrimination and oppression ofwomen for being females. This social theorist argued that woman areviewed as the second sex and that are viewed as inferior to men(Mohanty,2010).Her sentiments are echoed by social theorist Virginia Woolf whoargued that women are mirrors to men. This female inferiority insociety has made women to be segregated and denied opportunities suchpolitical offices, leadership positions and even employmentopportunities. This occurred to me when I was denied an opportunityto become the leader of a study group since I was a woman. It isapparent to note that the study group was dominated by men whobelieved I would not lead them as a woman. They therefore consideredme as inferior and the second sex. Simone de Beauvoir asserts thatthere is nobody who is born a woman but the society is prejudicedagainst women.

Itis imperative to point out that Simone de Beauvoir disagreed withclassical theorists such as Freud and Marx who associated the placeof women in society to biological factors such menstruation andreproduction. Classical theorist, Freud, believed that women arepassive in nature and are driven by sexual drives. Although Simone deBeauvoir agrees that the sex of women does place them at an inferiorlevel in society, she is quick to assert that it should not be usedagainst them (Andersen &amp Kaspersen, 2009). Some of the classicaltheorists such as Freud opposed feminism movements that were meant toliberate women from the oppression and discrimination they wentthrough in society. In my case, it is apparent that some of theclassical theorists such as Freud would have supported thediscrimination and denial of leadership opportunity I went throughsimply for being a woman. Freud would have likely argued that ambeing driven by sexual desires. Other classical theorists such asMarx would argue that biologically am a woman and hence I should notlead.

Itis absolutely clear that there is a notable difference between theclassical and the social theorists. Whereas the classical theoriesgave rise to modern sociology, they failed to address some aspectssuch as social identity in terms of race, gender or sexualityadequately.in this regard, without a shadow of doubt, I would preferthe social theorists who seem to argue and support the liberation ofwomen in society. It is evidently clear that there exists no singlereason to discriminate women due to their gender. Women are equalmembers of society and can serve and work in any position that afellow man can.


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