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Solving Conflict through Communication

SolvingConflict through Communication

SolvingConflict through Communication

Communicationis an integral part of the interaction. Communication is used forcreating social relationships and solving conflicts. Conflicts are ofdifferent natures and they can be within a group or amongindividuals. The most important part in conflict resolution is tohold honest and open communication so that all parties can besatisfied with the decision made at the end of the conflict. It isimportant for the person who helps in resolving conflicts toencourage communication and avoid taking sides. This discussion shallbe about my role as a mediator in a group within which the membersare fighting over the leadership positions.

Thegroup was comprised of ten members and it is an investment group. Themembers are friends who wish to invest in diverse areas, in theeconomy and they elect officials every two months. However, themembers are divided into two groups based on the chairmanshippositions. The group members do not trust each other and each sidewanted to have a chairman from its side. When this was not possible,the group became disorganized and open confrontations often markedtheir meetings. My role was to act as an arbitrator so as to bringpeace within the group.

Thefirst step was to establish the reasons for divisions and conflicts.This step involved having a joint meeting in which all group membersopenly brought for their grievances and concerns. The establishmentof the cause of the problems is significant as it paves the way tosolving the problem (Seib,2010).My role was to ensure that the process remained objective andemotions did not interfere with the steps of getting to the bottom ofthe problem. The responsibility involved ensuring that all membershad a fair chance to air their grievances objectively and thatpersonal issues did not arise.

Thebiggest strength is that the group members were willing to talkopenly and I had some prior knowledge of the activities of the group.Open communication was encouraged and I was responsible for ensuringthat the communication remained healthy. The mediator ensured thatthere was no victimization as this would have hampered communicationand conflict resolutions. After airing all the concerns, the groupmembers were asked to give suggestions on the way forward based onall the issues raised (Seib,2010).The suggestions raised were also objective and tackled each problemraised. The role of communication in this case was to reach asolution in a way that would ensure that all concerns were tackled.

Afterall the possible solutions were raised, the group reviewed thesolutions jointly and found those that best addressed the currentproblem and those that would prevent future problems of a similarnature. The use of open communication was the most important factoras it encouraged the members to bring out all the issues that wereaffecting the group (Seib,2010).The members also agreed on a systematic way of implementing thesuggestions so that the problems would not arise. A contract forterms and conditions was developed in order to be a guideline forsolving future conflicts.

Inconclusion, communication is important in solving conflicts betweenindividuals and groups. Sometimes, a mediator may be needed so as toensure that the process remains objective. The mediator is requiredto facilitate the process is peaceful and that the members of thegroup discuss their issues without being emotional. The mediator alsosets the agenda for the discussions held and the process issuccessful. The mediator also ensures that the members remaincommitted to the resolutions made so as to avoid new conflicts.


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