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Steps for diversity management

Stepsfor diversity management

Inthe modern world, issues of workplace diversity are beingexperienced. Organizations have to deal with employees with differentlifestyles, ethnic origins, cultures, race, as well as gender. Somany changes have taken place in modern organizations that it hasbecome essential for leaders and organizational managers tounderstand the cultural diversity of their employees. Organizationalmanagement is taking the necessary measure which aims to promotepositive outcomes, as well as maintain a good working relationshipwith their employees. Recent studies have revealed that diversitymanagement has the potential to increase the success of a givenorganization. The sole purpose of this paper is to look at how GoogleCompany addresses the issue of diversity management. The paper willalso analyze the different steps which Google has taken toeffectively manage diversity and the nature of their innovativeness.

Googleis an international company which has experienced vast amount ofdiversity issues in the recent past. It is an international companywhich is recognized by a large number of people in the society. Apartfrom dealing with internet search engines, Google deals with avariety of other stuff which includes domain names. According toGoogle`s official website, the company has put in place some of themost effective measures to ensure not only diversity management, butalso the inclusion. The company states that it desires to maintain awork place which caters for everyone who works with the company andin every different culture in which the company operates in. Theseefforts can be traced to how the company deals with Womenentrepreneurs in the Asian region, Blacks and Women in the NorthernAmerica, as well as its talent management efforts in Europe. Googleis an international company with both external and internaldiversity. The company employs a large number of people owing to itslarge customer base spread across the world. It practices diversitymanagement through its employee relationships and policies. Google isaware that its success depends upon its employees.

Thecompany strongly encourages its employees to take advantage ofdiversity management programs and, as well as the cultural richness.The company serves a large percentage of the world`s population. Inorder to deal with its large consumer base across the globe, Googlehires employees who speak a wide variety of languages. Diversity isclearly visible in all aspects of Google including its customers,products, offices, as well as its employee base. Google has tried tomanage the diversity through various steps. These steps have provento be quite innovative, as they are unique to Google.

Diversitymaintenance practices at Google

Stepstaken by Google to manage its diversity

Thefirst step which Google has taken to ensure diversity is by ensuringthat the constitution of the several boards is well representativewith a diverse background, Google has effectively used its boardconstitutional to address the issue of cultural and ethnic diversity.The several boards which have been formed at Google represent notonly the diversity of the staff members but also that of thecustomers, as well.

Thesecond most effective strategy which Google has used is theintroduction of mentoring schemes within the organization. Google hashad a mentoring program for a number of years where it has beenencouraging the experienced employees to mentor the new ones who arefresh from colleges. This has also been spiced by the introduction ofleadership development programs where a group of individuals aretrained on the values of being a leader. Under this program, thegroup of individuals is taken through a period of serious trainingwhich emphasizes on leadership qualities. The program allows theselected individuals to train as a group and learn from each group onthe various aspects of leadership. The participants also learn thattheir leadership, as well as their personal challenges is similar.Every training session provides the participants with knowledge on tosolve problems, develop into future leaders at Google Company.

Thethird step which Google has taken to embrace diversity is theencouragement of minority networks. Google has a number of networkinggroups meant for the minority groups such as the Latinos, people withdisability, lesbians, gays, transgenders and bisexual individuals.This networking group encourages the employees to feel that they arealso appreciated by the organization and thus feel as part of theorganization. This can significantly improve their performance atwork, as well as the overall organizational success.

Anotherstep which the organization has taken is the introduction of anapprenticeship program. Under this program, the organization trainsyoung people on what it requires to join Google. The organizationdraws candidates from diverse backgrounds and trains them on someaspects of employment. In addition, the company also gives theapprentices the relevant information they need before they can seekemployment from the organization. This program encourages diversityof the workforces.

Googlealso emphasizes on communication as a crucial step to managingdiversity at the workplace. In addition, the organization alsoencourages employees to work in diversified groups.

Lastly,the organization holds events which seek to break the monotony ofwork. Google uses informal gatherings and retreats in order toimprove the morale of its staff members and also reduce the formalitybarriers.

Thesteps which Google has used to manage diversity at its organizationalworkplace are extremely innovative in nature. They reflect on thediversity of the workforce, as well as the customers. Very companiesin the world embrace such steps in their diversity management. Googleboasts of a number of innovative programs under its diversitymanagement campaign.

Theseprograms range from educational programs through provision ofscholarships, training seminars, job placements, communitycollaboration programs, leadership and innovational awards amongother. The program also serves to promote and strengthen females totake part in the field of engineering. Another perfect example of anattempt to empower women is the Google award which is offered toIndian women for their contribution in the world of engineering.

Anotherarea in which the company practices diversity management is itscollaboration with community groups and advocacy groups. This is aninitiative which Google takes to increase talent diversity within asociety, especially in the technology industry. Google taps into theglobal talent base and empowers the young people to effectively usetheir resources. The company does this collaborate with the differentmembers of the society such as ADCOLOR,association Tremplin, AsianAmerican Journalist association, American women in media, and theAmerican council of the Blind (Google Annual report 14). Google`scollaboration with such community groups has yielded some significantresults which have boosted the popularity of its diversity managementprograms.

Itis impossible to evaluate the success of Google`s diversity programwithout looking at the practice of inclusion at the work place. Thepractice has seen all Google employees spread across the globe enjoya good working relationship with the company, as well as boostGoogle`s popularity. One of the methods which the organization hasemployed is the annual unification of its employees through socialevents. These events are meant to develop a strong bond betweenGoogle workers and the organization. For instance, through the BlackGoogler Network, Google has been able to promote a strong bondamongst the workers. The network organizes service trips on a yearlybasis, family potluck, weekly lunch programs, holiday parties, aswell as birthday parties (Google Annual report 13) This approachenhances Google`s diversity maintenance programs and also increasesthe organization success.

Anothersuch example is the [email protected] global network. This is a networkthat seeks to connect Google female employees across the globe. Thenetwork has over 30 different chapters in North America, LatinAmerica, Europe and Asia. In addition, the women network alsooccasionally invites successful women in the society who are supposedto motivate others by sharing their inspirational stories. Some ofthe women who have shared their success stories in the past includeAlice Walker, Glory Steinem, Madeline Albright, Hilary Clinton, TinaFey and Lady Gaga.

Apartfrom the inspirational stories being shared by [email protected], theyalso conduct community outreach and volunteering efforts. Google alsoincorporates all the different sexual oriented members of the societyin its diversification program. The program addresses the rights oflesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender communities through LGBTawards and achievement program. Some of the awards that Google haswon as a result of its continuous efforts in ensuring LGBT equalityinclude GLAAD award, Out &amp Equal, human rights campaign and thehorizon foundation.

Anotherperfect example of Google`s diversity group is the capabilitycouncil. The capability council was specifically formed to addressthe needs of people with disability (Google.com Para 10). This bodyis given the responsibility of increasing accessibility of some ofGoogle`s feature in order to make them user friendly to the specialgroups in the society. Some of the features which have been designedto increase accessibility include captions and machine translations.


Googlehas put in place a number of steps which enable it to successfullymanage diversity at the workplace. These steps include the formationof a diversified of board, introduction of an apprenticeship program,establishment of a mentorship program, as well as established ofnetworking groups for the minority population. These steps haveproven to be quite effective in the management of diversity, as theypromote the harmonious co-existence of employees at the workplace.


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