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Thispaper seeks to provide information on William Anthony Kirsopp Lake. Iwill discuss his leadership, personality, leadership abilities aswell as his effective leadership qualities. Anthony, best known asTony Lake, (born Apr 2, 1939) is the Director of the United NationsChildren’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), writer, educational, and formerU. S. states diplomat, International Support Official, andgovernmental consultant. He has been a different plan consultant tomany Democratic U.S. presidents and presidential applicants, andprovided as Nationwide Security Advisor under U.S. Us presidentInvoice Clinton from 1993 to 1997. Pond is acknowledged as being oneof the individuals who developed the plan that led to the quality ofthe Bosnian War. He also organized the seat of Recognized Lecturer inthe Practice of Diplomacy at the Edmund A. Walsh School ofInternational Support at Georgetown School, in California, D.C.

Inhis position as a director of UNICEF, there are many things he hasdone as well as implementing various strategies for the purpose ofshowing how committed and willing he is to carry out his leadershipduties (Lake 69). He has made sure that his leadership duties arefully attended to, making certain that everything within hisorganization is done as expected. This is the reason as to why he isconsidered one among many inspirational leaders internationally. Tostart with, Anthony makes sure that kids live life as expected. Hefights for their rights and ensures that they live healthy lives nomatter where their home is and the barriers they face in life. Theimpact of this characteristic of Anthony is that kids are in aposition to live comfortable lives no matter the places they comefrom.

Onething that makes Anthony a good leader is commitment. He does what heis supposed to, whole heartedly. He is also fair in when it comes toequality. When serving the society, he treats all of them equally(United States Congress Senate 43). Anthony has made sure that therelationship between workers in his organization is good. This hashelped to make certain that they work and perform their duties tocompletion as expected. This has also helped to ensure that theworkers serve all the clients as expected and that their complaintsare responded to appropriately (Miles 66).

Anthonyhas successfully run the organization for years because he has theleadership skills (Lake, Whitman, Lyman &amp Morrison 90). He knowshow to control many individuals who are in this case the employees ofthe organization, making certain that everything is carried out asexpected. With this planned and organized system, it makes itpossible to monitor every move in the organization. The thing thatmakes all the employees carry out their duties effectively is theobjectives, rules and regulations of the organization. There are setgoals set as the target and there are rules and regulations which actas a guide for all the employees. They also play a great role inmaking certain that the organization does not lose truck of itsobjectives.

Generally,it is the effort and commitment of Anthony that has made thisorganization run successfully through many years. His effective andpositive impacting leadership skills have contributed a great deal tothe success of the organization. Many people are impressed with theservices offered by this organization. The fact that many people areimpressed with their services gives a clear impression that thesuccess started right from the leadership which reflects back toAnthony.


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