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Thisis a research paper seeking to provide information about Lady Gaga.The research will give details as to why this she is who she istoday. In this case, the paper will focus on a number of things abouther. These details include:

  • Reasons as to why she is considered important.

  • Facts about her.

  • Her accomplishments.

  • What she stands for.

  • How she became famous.

Frommy own point of view, using details written by other people, I amgoing to explain these details about Lady Gaga. For an introduction,Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelna Germanotta. She wasborn in the year 1986, and the name “Lady Gaga” is actually herstage name. She is recording artist from America as well as anactress. New York City is where she was born and raised. She attendedschool at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. After this, she brieflyattended (CAP21) Collaborative Arts Project. She then withdrew fromCAP21 and decided to focus on her career in music. It’s on thisstage where she focused on music to the star she has become in thecurrent society. That is a short history on how she started hermusical career. I will therefore focus on her artistic life in thedetails I will explain below.

  • Reasons as to why she is considered important.

Thereare various reasons as to why Stefani is considered famous. One ofthe reasons is that she decided to follow up her career. Lady Gagachoose to drop out from her school to concentrate on her career.There are many individuals in the current society who would ratherfinish up studies first before engaging in careers such as artistry.In this case, she is an important individual because she is one ofthe few who choose to drop studies and concentrate on her career.

Theother thing which makes her important is that she started focusing onher musical career at the age of 19. Research shows that Lady Gagawithdrew from the Collaborative Arts Project at the age of 19. Thisis an aspect which shows how focused and determined she was. Shewanted to make certain that she works on the talent she has as youngas possible. At the age of 19, many individuals are not in a positionto decide which path in life to take. To her, this was not somethingto think about. She had in mind that she had a talent and knew thatshe has to work on it early for the purpose of achieving her dreams.This gives a clear impression that she was ambitious and knew whatshe was doing. The third and the last thing am going to point out inthis section is that the percentage of individuals who love her musicis high. Generally, her music is described as “highly entertainingand innovative.” From this phrase, it is clear that many peopleacross the globe find her music entertaining and innovative meaningthey like her together with her artistry (Eric, 10). From these threepoints, it is quite clear that Lady Gaga is among the manyindividuals who are very prominent and significant across the globe.Through her music, she has become famous and made her name growthrough artistry.

  • Facts about her.

Inthis section, I will discuss her personal life as well as her career.I will talk about the true details about her. She is the eldestdaughter to a man who is known to be an internet entrepreneur whosename is Joseph Anthony “Joe” Germonatta, Jr. and Cynthia LouiseBisset. Her parents were both from low-class families. She has asister named Natali who was born in the year 1992 and is a fashionstudent (Ethan, 8). Besides her artistry work, she has actually takenpart in several charity works. She also launched a non-profitorganization that deals with youth empowerment as well as issues suchas well-being, mentoring, self-confidence, career development andanti-bullying. This organization takes its title from Lady Gaga’s2011 single and album. Lady Gaga is considered a gayiconbecause she attributes her success to her gay fans. In this case, itis clear that apart from artistry, there are other facts about LadyGaga.

  • Her accomplishments.

Despitethe fact that her parents were from low-class families, she is nowfamous and has made her life better than that of her parents. This isall through her artistry which has made her make high sales of herartistry work and live a better life.

Anotheraccomplishment she has made in life is the fact that she has becomefamous. With her hits, she has made people all over the globe get toknow her and know more about what she can do through her artistry.She has many followers and less of haters than her lovers. The factthat the lovers are more than the haters clearly shows that her musicis considered among the best. This is actually what has kept hergoing and in a position to produce even more. She keeps on moving,having in mind that the number of those who appreciate her is greaterthan that of those who do not. This tells her that she is highlyappreciated and that the small number of the haters does not matter.

  • What she stands for.

LadyGaga actually stands to make sure that she achieves what she wants inlife. This started when she was 19 years old, and dropped studies toconcentrate on her musical career. She then went ahead and performedwith other artistes to make her hits even better. When she learntthat her hits are loved all over the globe, she went ahead andproduced more (Andrew, 17). She is still into the music industry upto now, and this gives a clear impression that she stands to show howserious she is with what she does. She has passion for her career andshe is not ready to give up. In fact, there are few people who do notlike her music. There are those who go ahead posting negativecomments against her hits. Despite the fact that such people exist,she is not ready to let go. She keeps on and she makes sure that shedoes her best to continue producing more hits and make her fanshappier.

  • How she became famous.

Overthe years, Lady Gaga has grown to be famous in globe at large. In theyear 2008, she relocated to Los Angeles. This was for the purpose ofworking extensively with her recording with the intention ofcompleting her debut album (Johanson 62). This was also meant for thesetting up of her own team named, “the Haus of Gaga” which wasmodeled on the factory Andy Warhol. TheFameis one of the albums that made her famous all over the globe. Toexplain this, it has been researched that when the hit was launched,she sold over 12 million copies within the globe. This gives a clearimpression that many people loved her music and were ready to buy herhits and listen to them. This album actually came first in variousnations. Those nations include: Germany, Ireland, Canada,Switzerland, The United Kingdom and Austria. The fact that within 106week (non-consecutive) she had sold over 12 million copies, it givesa clear impression that there are many individuals who love hermusic. In this case, it is clear that the 12 million plus copies havebeen sold within a period that is less than the stated since the weekwere not consecutive (Adam 59).

Thefact that the album also emerged number one in various nations alsotells that many people loved her songs and still do up to now. During her travel across the globe, she was able to come up witheight songs where she named the album, TheFame Monster. Thisalbum was officially released in November 2009. Her three singles arethe first to be recorded in history, to hit a four million mark indigital sales. This is a feature which gives a clear impression thather music was really loved and she made a lot of her career. Her famehas actually grown from her music. People love her music. From thetime she recorded her hits, they were loved and are still loved up todate. She has become one among the many famous artists in the world.

Conclusionand Recommendation

Inconclusion, it is clear that Stefani Joanne Angelna Germanotta whosestage name is Lady Gaga, has over the years grown famous. This issimply because she was determined to do what she wanted to do inlife. She was focused and wanted to make certain that her artistrydreams come true. From how she sells her hits, it is clear that herdreams have come true. She is in a position to be happy because allshe ever dreamed of, that is excelling in her artistry life, has cometo be. In this case, I recommend that those who have the same dreamscan follow her example. Never give up and make sure that they worktowards achieving their dreams. It is the right of an individual towork on what they feel like they want to be as well as using theirtalents. In addition, those who are responsible for taking care ofsuch people have to offer support for them to achieve their dreams.


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