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TheSudan civil war

Thispaper seeks to provide information on the Civil war of Sudan. In thiscase, I will focus on the first and the second Sudanese civil wars. Iwill discuss the conflicts associated with this war as well as itspolitical, economic and social aspects. The first civil war which isalso referred to as Anyanya I or Anyanya rebellion took place betweenthe years 1955 and 1972. This war took place between the Northern andthe Southern part of Sudan over representation of regional autonomy.This is them main conflict that was associated with the war (Poggo76).The agreement that brought an end to this first war failed tobring an end to the tension leading to the second Sudanese civil war.This war took place between 1983 and 2005. The man conflictassociated with the two wars was the issue of autonomyrepresentation.

Thesewars generally had impacts to the economic, social and politicallife. Looking at the social aspect, the wars caused many people tolose their lives as well as forcing many t leave their homes (Johnson56). In this case, these wars made individuals to be scattered and doaway with the peace they had. With the political aspect, it made ithard for the southern and northern administration bodies to worktogether towards achieving the goals of the nation. This gives aclear impression that the political processes were not carried out asexpected, making the economy of the nation grown at a slow rate. Inthis case, the economic impact was actually linked to that of thepolitical facet (Sikainga 41). The fact that the political processeswere not carries out effectively tell that the economic growth was aswell affected and in a negative way to be precise.


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