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GunControl Research Essay

Theissue of gun control is a greatly debated issue in the United Statesand across the globe. It is as a result of gun ownership that resultsto mass killing whether the guns are legally owned or illegallyowned. Although the Second Amendment gives people the right to ownguns, controlling the number of gun access by the public could reducethe prevalence of crimes committed using guns. Gun control is anessential approach through repealing the Second Amendment. Thoseopposing the repealing of the Second Amendment believe that guncontrol ownership is essential for self defense, and require thecriminals and mentally challenged individuals to be denied access toguns (Gius265-67).The debate about gun control is endless, nonetheless, this essayevaluates why it is essential to have stricter gun control policies.

Takinginto consideration that the United States citizens owns 50% of gun,even though it constitutes of only 5% of the world population, theprevalence of violence and death attributed to guns demands strictergun ownership control measures. The increasing victims of gunviolence across the United States because of the ease with whichdangerous criminals can own guns demands strict laws to beimplemented to reverse this trend. Stricter gun control laws plays akey role in ensuring that dangerous people do not have access or donot own these automatic riffles (Owen).

Sincethe 2012 efforts assassinate senator Gifford, more than 70 incidencesof mass shooting. Efforts to demand for the stricter gun control mustgive into consideration the post traumatic stress disorder sufferedby the innocent victims of shootings. These victims suffer fromphysical injuries if they survive the shooting. In many cases, thesurvivors of the gun shootings suffer from stroke or cardiac attackswhile others develop psychological problems that are caused by thenear death experience. Besides the victims of the shootings, thefamily and society suffers in financially and psychologically afterone of them is attacked by a mentally unstable individual. Accordingto Kaplan (2014), it is after consideration of these factors made theGovernorAndrew Cuomo to approve restrictive private gun ownership laws.

Inmost cases, the perpetrators of gun violence are not charged withinnon-criminal charges such as mental health, but are ordinary butdangerous people who have been licensed to own guns (Doeden63).These guns deny people their fundamental right to live, which is alsoa democratic right. This right is denied when guns are allowed to beowned through loose gun control laws that demand to be amended. Inefforts for everyone’s live to be protected, it is imperative toput stricter gun control laws because guns endanger the lives ofevery individual. Guns have compromised the most crucial naturalright enlisted in the Declaration of independence (GunControl: Update).

Inconclusion, it is worth noting that change is inevitable and guncontrol laws need to be changed because there is no justificationhave loose laws that enable criminals and dangerous people to owngun. In case everyone is allowed to own a gun, the cases of massshooting and gun violence could skyrocket, therefore, the beststrategy is to limit the number of people allowed to own guns throughstricter laws. These laws must make it complicated for anyone who hasa criminal or mental health problem to own a gun. Through more strictlaws, limited people will posses gun, hence making the cases of gunrelated violence less widespread.


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