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Summary All you need to know about Hurricanes

Summary: Allyou need to know about Hurricanes

Hurricanesare natural whether phenomenon created from the difference in airtemperature between the surface of the ocean and the atmosphere.Hurricanes form when the ocean surface temperature reach 80oFor above and winds from all directions come in contact at one pointon the said surface. This point of contact becomes the eye of thehurricane and is a lot calmer compared to the spinning winds andprecipitates (rain) around it. The result is the uplift of earn airuntil it cools and then returning again to the ocean surface. Thiscycle repeats until a spin is created. The Coriolis force ultimatelyinteracts with the spinning wind to give a longitudinal spin givingbirth to a hurricane. Hurricane and typhoons have their similarityand differences such similarity is that they are both tropicalcyclones. Their differences include: that typhoons are a lot strongerand occur at a higher rates than hurricanes. Despite its destructivenature, hurricanes play an important role in this earth. This role orpurpose is the distribution of heat from warm tropical locations tocooler temperature locations, which is vital in sustaining life anddiversity.

There are current environmentalissues which affect hurricanes. Perhaps, the most popular is globalwarming. Global warming increases the rate of hurricane occurrence aswell is its wind force making hurricanes more destructive than ever.It should acknowledge however, that global warming is not reversibleor is hardly reversible hence people should always be prepared forhurricanes as they are predicted to increase in the rate ofoccurrence and their destructive potentials are also increased.Hurricane preparedness involves gathering information, planning andtaking actions, and recovering. H