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Survey Approaches

Social cognitive theory suggeststhat motivation makes people repeat an action that they might havedone. This means that an action that is positively appreciated andrewarded will motivate an individual into repeating the same action,unlike an action that people appreciate negatively. The theory oflearning show a relationship with this cognitive theory in that youngchildren learn better when their tutors and parents recognize theirefforts and offers them motivation for the same. Using regressionanalysis research method, this study will seek to determine howclosely related the two theories in relation to learning. This studywill mostly concentrate on young children and then as they grow old.This research method is best because it considers both individual andthe influence motivation have on repeating an action (Newman, 2011).The question that the study will seek to answer is such as whethermotivation has as big influence to older people, as to young ones atthe same level, and whether there is a possibility of a child to bevery motivated yet not repeat an action (Weathington,Cunningham, &amp Pittenger, 2010).

The above questions are importantin the study to understand the relationship of age, motivation, andlearning according to social cognitive theory. In addition, the studyquestion is important in order to understand the degree of influencemotivation has on an individual in the sense of the possibility ofbeing so motivated and not repeat an action. Ethical principles thatcould affect this study include honesty from the participants. If aparticipant gives a false message, it would lead to a false result ofthe study. The research approach however, requires accuracy because avery small error would lead to the wrong conclusions. With the helpof research assistants, who are willing and very transparent,response rate from the respondents will greatly improve (Weathington,Cunningham, &amp Pittenger, 2010).


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