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Survey Data

Data survey method depends on themethod used to collect data. The data from the previous study, thatutilized regression method, will make use of multivariate analysismethod because the statistical data will simultaneously analyze themultiple dimensions from the aspect of age of the participants aswell as the relationship of motivation and learning. When people getmotivated for doing something good, they tend to repeat the sameaction now and again, unlike negative remarks for doing somethingpoor. The research study would seek to analyze the multidimensionalfacets of the data (Weathington,Cunningham, &amp Pittenger, 2010).In addition, multivariate analysis method is consistent withregression because, through regression, it is possible to makepredictions from the variables. Using the linear equation will helppredict the value of a set of predictable variables from the resultsobtained from the study. Data collected from the study will give aquantitative result based on the accuracy level and number ofresponses obtained from the method of collection as well as thecollection technique employed in carrying out the study (Newman,2011).

The most suitable measurementscale for analyzing data obtained from the study would be normalscales for the relationship between motivation and learning orrepeating a positive action, and not repeating an action a negativeaction from other people’s point of view. In addition, the studywill employ interval measurement scale for analyzing data from thestudy that will involve identifying different ages and their responseto motivation, and repeating a positive action. Having a high numberof older people repeating an action after they have been motivatedwould only prove the social cognitive theory of learning right thatmotivation encourages a repeat of an action and vice versa(Weathington, Cunningham,&amp Pittenger, 2010).


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