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Surveyresearch symbolizes one of the most familiar types of quantitativesocial science study. In this type of research, the researcherchooses a sample of respondents from a set population and administersa uniform and a consistent questionnaire to the population (Fowler,2013). The survey or the questionnaire can be a written documentcompleted by the respondent face to face they can be an onlinesurveys and questionnaires, face-to-face interviews with thecorrespondents from the set population, or they can be telephoneinterview. In a telephone interview, the researcher chooses therespondents randomly and calls them to interview. It is very possibleto collect information and data from different populations such assmall and large populations.

Diversesurvey types are composed of numerous research techniques formulatedby the wide range of disciplines in research. For example,interviews started as a means mainly for anthropologists andpsychologists while sampling started in agricultural economics.Survey research does not belong to any specific field and, therefore,it can be applied in a wide range of disciplines. Conclusively,survey research is the capacity and capability for extensiveapplication as well as wide coverage that gives survey methods theirimmense usefulness. Unique example for surveying patients on ispsychiatrist (Lyberg et al., 2012).


Thelarge topic in diabetes control at home that I would pose is howpeople can control diabetes incidences at home. There are variousreasons for high diabetes incidences. It is very possible to reduceand control diabetes incidence at home. The lifestyle of a personmatters very much in contracting diabetes. In all diabetes surveysconducted by the NHS, 90 percent of the diabetes incidences werebecause of lifestyle. Importantly, lifestyle is at home and not inhospital or any health institution. This article will provide peopleon how to live a good lifestyle in order to prevent diabetesincidences. Taking proper diet is very important as well. Creatingawareness is also crucial in enlightening people on the effects oftheir lifestyle. Nevertheless, how can people control diabetes athome? Data collection is by use of quantitative means from severalmaterials including published and unpublished materials. I would usethe data to describe how people can prevent diabetes at home((Marsden &amp Wright, 2010). I would collect a sample ofpopulation, carry out interview, and hence provide viable methods ofpreventing diabetes at home. I need to narrow down the topic furtherin order to provide the appropriate and relevant methods that peoplecan use to prevent diabetes at home. I would also use interviews tocollect information from people with diabetes and from healthprofessionals.


Thistopic discus the process of carrying out a research and. It alsoenlightens researchers on how they can come up with the relevantresearch hypothesis. As it describes, the process starts byidentifying a problem and developing hypothesis, then description ofthe subject, construction of the design of the research. It describeshow a researcher can use various methods of research, as well.


Thistopic discuses survey research it defines what survey research is. If asserts that, survey research is a broad area of study thatresearchers in various professions or study fields can apply. Ithighlights how researchers can use it to come up with relevantresearch. It describes the various ways of conducting survey researchas well.


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