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Technology in Classroom

Technologyin Classroom

Technologyin Classroom

Thetechnologies I have chosen are tablet and Webquest. I have chosen atablet as a technology in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)because it allows various platforms for students to learn English.First, a tablet capability to connect to the internet allows ESLstudents to read widely on net as well as listen to various thingsincluding documentaries that help in developing their listening andspeaking skills. Pronunciation being a major issue for ESL learners,a tablet offers a platform where students can engage with theirteacher or other students in discussions through Skype and otherforms of video conferencing.

Oneof the advantages of a tablet is its integration to a variety oftechnologies including social networks, video conferencing as well asweb search for vocabularies and their pronunciation.

Limitationsof tablets include the fact that, it may not be accessible to everystudent it requires computer skills to operate, where lack of itwould otherwise make it ineffective. Besides, it requires internet toperform some tasks such as video conferencing which may not beavailable or reliable to each student.

Eventhough most students can explore the web in their native language, itis quite difficult for ESL learners. In such a case, a Webquest comesin handy for an ESL classroom. It is meant to take students throughthe journey of exploring a website in English with the aim ofpreparing them for future internet study projects. Students cancomfortably learn reading through a comprehension, vocabulary as wellas summarizing.

Themain advantages of Webquests include its ability to incorporate allthe learning skills including reading, speaking, listening andwriting. In addition they allow the teacher to prepare a stimulatingand understandable process for the learning of students.

Themain limitations of Webquests in teaching ESL may occur from the factthat it requires specific knowledge and skills for the teacher tocreate them. They are also challenging in keeping learners on taskduring the learning activities.