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Ten Commandments of the Mafia

TenCommandments of the Mafia

TheSicilian Mafia is perhaps one the most organized crime syndicate inthe world. It is a group with roots in both America and Italy. Theorganization was formed by groups of people who wanted to ensuretheir own justice. Although initially started with sole intention ofprotecting the rights of the people and with no criminal intentions,it later transformed into a violent group of people who went aroundextorting money from the people.

Inmy own opinion, I do not believe the actions of the mafia are right.Much as they want to ensure the prevalence of justice, their mode ofdoing it is not one of the best. It is not right to go aroundharassing people in the name of protecting the people, whilst at thesame time they commit a streak of violent crimes. The authorities didnot even help the matter as they encouraged the crime syndicate groupto carry on with their activities. It is a high time the governmentsdid something about this syndicate and bring down the criminal group.Personally, there are some elements of the group which I feel aregood. For instance, the fact that their initial objective was todeliver justice in an unjust world and enhancing security made them adarling of many people (Lupo 23). However, the group could not livewithin its self declared mandate and decided to be perpetrators ofcriminal activities. Additionally, their initial desire to provideprotection to the masses was hijacked by some rogue members howstarted extorting money from land owners ( Lupo 32). This makes thegroup very dangerous and undesirable in the society.

Inone way or the other, movies and televisions have played the biggestin promoting the existence of the mafia. These two media have showndocumentaries and video clips which seem to glorify the actions ofthe crime syndicate groups. For instance, John Travolta decision toplay the role of a Mafia boss by the name John Gotti was met withboth glorification, as well as condemnation. One wonders why themedia has to glorify crime committed by the mafia while there aremany subjects which can be addressed. For instance, there is a rangeof topics such as anti-Semitism, racism and poverty. Thisglorification seems to give the mafia group more courage andinspiration to carry on with their criminal activities.

Themedia has for a long time been portraying the mafia in a certain waythat seems to generate stereotypes. For instance, films such as theSopranos, Goodfellas, and The Godfather have depicted Italians Mafialife as that which is flashy and with gangster characteristics.Consequently, this becomes a general notion about Italians althoughsome aspect of it may not be true. However, a large percentage ofwhat is represented in the films is basically akin to how the mafiaslook like in the real setting.

Organizedcrimes continue to bring about a lot of challenges to the lawenforcement authorities. Although authorities have been nonrelentless in their fight against organized crime in the world, thecrime syndicates still manage to carry out their activities and wreakhavoc to poor innocent citizens. There needs to be an attempt totrack down the activities if crime families and groups in order tostop the wave of crime are being perpetrated by groups such as themafia.


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