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Terrorist Attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon


The terrorist attack on September 11th 2001 was longdeclared before by the then al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden. Theal-Qaeda operatives have defended their move to attack the UnitedStates with Zeal. The al-Qaeda had declared a holy war againstAmerica since 1998 (Gareau, 2007). They al-Qaeda justifies theyattack by arguing that the United States had been attacking Muslims,as well as supporting countries that oppress and kill Muslims. Inthis regard, the al-Qaeda argue that they are only revenging on whattheir governments have failed to do. In a letter addressed to theAmericans in 2002 by Bin Laden, he asserts that America’s presencein Saudi Arabia, the sanctions against Iraq and the support of Israelwere just but a few reasons as to why al-Qaeda attacked the UnitedStates (Gareau, 2007).

The 9/11 attack by far and large the worst terrorist attack in theworld. Over three thousand lives were lost and property worthbillions was destroyed. The al-Qaeda justify his by asserting thatAmerica has killed numerous Muslims and that theirs was just revenge.The attack on the world trade center and the pentagon took a greatdeal of planning by the al-Qaeda. The plan they used was hijackingfour American planes. Each plane had a target it was to hit. However,American investigators believe that the fourth plane never hit itstarget, which was supposed to be U.S Capitol building or the WhiteHouse (Bolt et al, 2008). The four planes were hijacked by 19hijackers who were selected by Bin Laden. The entire planning of theattack took place in Afghanistan. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Osamabin laden were the key masterminds of the attack. They organized howthe hijackers would get their visas in order to get to the UnitedStates. This planning was facilitated by the enormous preparationthat the al-Qaeda had in place.

To start with, the al-Qaeda leaders had organized on how all the 19hijackers were to travel to the United States for the purposecarrying out the attack. It vital to note that the popular beliefthat the terrorist attacks are random and not subject to anystrategic plan is a misconception. Al-Qaeda had a long termpreparation strategy for the September 9th 2001 attack inthe United States. The hijackers were trained on airline operationsas a means of preparing for the attacks. It is evident that theattackers couldn’t have been able to divert the planes in order tohit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon house (Gareau, 2007). Theselection of the hijackers was done during the summer of 2000. A vastmajority of the hijackers selected by Bin Laden and other al-Qaedaleaders were from Saudi Arabia and one was from United Arab Emirates.

They were trained for flight operations a Chechnya in Afghanistanprior to and after their selection. The selected hijackers were alsoallowed to travel out of Afghanistan by the al-Qaeda leaders to goand acquire US visas. In late April of 2001, the hijackers left forthe United States. The hijackers, having entered the United States,were now in the final preparations for the attack. Investigators ofthe attack found out that the attackers had already bought theirtickets as early as August of 2011. Whereas some of the 19 hijackersbought their tickets online, others bought them in person. Theinvestigators also found out that the entire attack had costapproximately $500,000 (Bolt et al, 2008). This a clearindication that the attackers were sufficiently prepared evenfinancially.

The Bush administration’s response to the attack was immediate.The Police State USA was started as a result of the attack. Theattack also saw the US becoming aggressive in the name of fightingterrorism. Immediately after the attacks, investigations into themotive behind the attacks were launched (Gareau, 2007). In addition,the families that were affected by the attack were compensated. TheUS launched war on terror on Afghanistan and Iraq since the twocountries were believed to be supporting terrorism. Afghanistan wasaccused of harboring Bin Laden who was believed to have organized theattacks. In a bid to prevent the recurrence of such an attack, theAmerican government started eavesdropping on phone and emailconversations of people living in America and those outside America.

It is also imperative to note that the attack led to the formationof the Department of Homeland Security. This was seen and has beendescribed as the largest restructure of the US government. After the9/11 attack, the USA Patriot Act and Domestic Spying legislation waspassed. This law gave security officials the right to search aperson’s house without a warrant or eavesdrop on conversationsbetween individuals in a bid to find terrorists. The law enforcementofficers were also allowed to monitor financial details andtransactions of individuals and were also allowed to detain or deportindividuals suspected of terrorist activities (Gareau, 2007).

However, this law has been a source of controversy from since then.This is for reason that the law allows law enforcement officers todetain or deport terrorist suspects secretly. Critics have arguedthat this may lead to the secret detention of innocent immigrants.


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