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Tesla Promotion Strategy


TeslaPromotion Strategy


Vehiclesare a popular way of transport for individuals and companies. Teslathe electric automaker can serve customers from all over. The targetaudiences are car bazaars, individuals wanting to use vehicles astheir mode of transport, governments and big companies thatspecialize in car dealings. Several promotion approach works for adifferent audience. Convincing a company and an individual aretotally two different things. Companies have different preferences ascompared to individuals. It makes them differ in their desires andwants that have to be met to their satisfaction. Using the samepromotional strategy might not work for all the groups which meanthat part of the audience will not be satisfied. The company isrequired to ensure that it provides products and services to all theneedy parties. In doing this, it will remain relevant in the market.


Thepromotional objective for the electric motor business is the samedespite the audience. In carrying out promotion, the aim of thecompany is to increase knowledge for their product. Increasingawareness is to every audience. The company has to work towardsensuring that the public is well acquainted with their products. Todo this, it has to formulate the same promotional purposes for everytarget. It eases the effort needed in selling their products sinceincreasing awareness gives a higher chance of their vehicles beingpurchased. People in most cases prefer dealing with what they knowmaking it vital that Tesla make its products popular.


Thepromotion objective was provided and it is reasonable. The budget wasevenly allocated to the different strategies to be used. The budgetwill make it possible to promote the vehicles effectively henceincreasing awareness.


Themain mode of promotion is through advertising. Tesla has the burdenof ensuring that the advertisements techniques used are productive.One can never go wrong with advertising as a mode of promoting one’sbusiness as long it targets the right audience. Personal selling,advertising and using different media are essential ways of promotingthe vehicles. The tools are the most effective in attaining thepurposes and reaching the targeted audience.


Ifthe company is using direct mail ad, it should view it as amanagement tool for continuous customer relationship. It picks upfrom where the other mode of promotion left off. The mail should notbe marked as an urgent issue if it is not, doing this will misleadthe customers.


Thedemand for products does not differ seasonally. People in the entireworld can purchase the products at any time despite the situation.

Pretestingand posttesting procedures required in the implementation and controlphases

Thedesign is used to compare groups that participated and comparing thelevel of change that occurs as a result of interventions andtreatments. Pretesting and posttesting are very costly, to avoidthis, Tesla can develop a series of questions that will address thepromotional ideas preferred by most customers and finding ways ofcorrecting the undesired issues.

Integrationof the promotion tools

Themedia, advertising and personal selling can be used consistently toprovide the same message. The fliers used for advertising can also beused in personal selling. It will ensure that the employees work onthe same objectives since they will be suing similar materials. Mediaadvertising can be incorporated with personal selling. Advertisementsdone by the media can be narrowed down to a personal level to touchon the individual in the deepest way possible. Messages passed by thedifferent media have to be verified and have a flow.