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The Devil in Silver

TheDevil in Silver

Inthese chapters, the setting further illustrates the predicaments ofPepper as he realizes the consequences of being locked up. Thesetting impacts on Pepper by showing him the clear picture of thechallenges that he will have to endure while in prison. Chapter nineopens by illustrating to him how people in prison take his believe inthe monster. Instead of listening to his expectations, he is insteadadmitted of being frightened (LaValle 82). At the pharmacy, he is nottreated with any preference, he will be lining up for medicine likeany other peer in the facility (LaValle 82). Scot Tape commandsPepper “No mre room service for you man. Before every meal, youcome here first to get your meds, like everyone else” (LaValle 82).At this point, Pepper realizes that he has lost the privileges of theouter world such as his job and rent payments.

Thedevil being referred in this setting is a monster that attacks him atthe prison. The monster that patients in the facility call the devilthen starts to kill patients, which Pepper notices. The monster wasreal to Pepper and other patients as it was visible even when thelights were switched on (LaValle 102). LaValle (102) states “Thedevil was there. Even once the lights came on. Even with the staff inthe room. No delusion. No dream. It was real.” The monster is realand the staffs at the facility know about it. The staff at thefacility further protects the notion of the devil and keeps themonster behind a silver door in a private wing.

Whilein prison, Pepper learns about his courage and ability to tackleissues more than when he was in the society. This is a character hehad not realized before being locked up. This enables him to mobilizehis fellow inmates to fight for their survival. He learns he is agood organizer by leading the most convenient patients to cause anuprising. This way, Pepper proves to learn about himself there thanhe did while in the society.


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