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The Impact of Various Aspects of Convergence on the Traditional Media

TheImpact of Various Aspects of Convergence on the Traditional Media

Thebiggest challenge was transmitting the various traditional mediathrough a single line. However, the developers overcame the issueafter they discovered they discovered multiplexing technology. Themajor positive impact of the convergence of the traditional media wasthe fact that people could communicate more effectively than everbefore. The latest developments in the new media include constructionof data centers, which make compiling information into a singlesource possible (79). The multifunction phones led to the developmentof the “smartphones” that combines computer and cell phonecapabilities. The widespread use of the cell phones has improved thespeed and convenience at which people communicate. Sharinginformation has become exclusively simple. In addition, new mediainspired the development of the social media websites such as theFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The social media sites have mademarketing businesses simple through bringing groups with similarinterests together. The most notable features that qualify a“smartphone” include having a calendar, a camera, email program,internet capability, and regular phone function such as voicecommunication and text messaging (80).

However,the convergence of the traditional media also comes with somenegative effects. One of them includes liberation of children fromtheir parents. Kid in countries such as Korea, Japan, and the US canaccess diverse information using smartphones. Although some contentis helpful to the development of the young ones, some content such aspornographic material can do more harm than good to the children(85). The integrated new media has also been associated withdangerous healthcare diseases such as cancers. On the same note, thenew media is causing significant environmental concerns. In almostevery top of the building, there is a tower on top of the building.Some equipment used in the transmission of the airwaves produces oftoxic gases and wastes that are harmful to both wildlife and humanbeings. Lastly, the convergence of the technology has interfered withsocial and cultural values as it has instigated the development ofyouth cultures that affect the young people negatively (87).

Thelegal issues faced in a globalized new media environment

Inthe globalized new media environment, people are free to connect andinteract with anyone across the world. However, the persons in chargeof monitoring the new media occasionally experience diversechallenges. Among the critical legal issues facing the new media,include maintaining the privacy of the people using the websites. Thedevelopers of the social media are supposed to protect confidentialinformation of the people using the websites. The new mediaenvironment can use the technology commercial purposes or fun (99).The regulations concerning the targeted people in the social networkis another major legal issue the people using the international newmedia face includes networking problem. The objective of the socialmedia is interconnecting people around the world. However, the socialmedia users should try to control the quality of persons they arebeing connected to increase the value of the traffic. For example,the quality of the network could be based on members from a similarhigh school, same professions, or education backgrounds. The best newmedia organizations ensure to provide quality and well controlledinterconnection path (101).

Theinternational media also deals with the legal issues concerningterrorism. Notorious terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden hadsuccessfully addressed his followers using the social media. In asmuch as it has helped people to communicate and share informationworldwide in a few minutes, the malicious people have also benefittedwith a quick and reliable method of sharing coded data with theirsupporters (106).

Thenew media are also attributed with providing economics of socialproduction. For example, healthcare professionals can request his orher followers to contribute information related to a given topic. Thecollective knowledge contribution is especially essential whenaddressing a new concept that many people do not understand (103).Nonetheless, researchers using the collective labor from the socialnetwork should have vast skills for analyzing valuable data anddiscarding misleading information. Obviously, some of thecontributors will give valuable data, but a good number of thecontributors will give misleading information, sometimes intended forentertainment purposes. The researchers using this method are notexempted from following the strict research ethics to differentiatevaluable and invaluable data (106).